Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam due for a swingin' time this weekend

The US is scheduled to hand Saddam Hussein over to the Iraqi authorities today so that his death sentence can be carried out over the weekend.

Amazingly, the dinosaur media has been reprinting his weepy `farewell letter', which I won't dignify by linking or repeating here. Ahhh, the human side of Saddam..

Weekend Monkey actually was working on an interview with Saddam, but now that Saddam's scheduled to do what our friends across the pond jovially refer to as `The Tyburn Jig' that's highly unlikely.

My only regrets are (a) that it took as long as it did and (b) that we weren't able to interrogate Saddam forcefully and find out exactly what was in all of those trucks that transported what was undoubtedly an interesting load o' stuff to Syria during our 19 month run up to war.

Have a swingin' time, Saddam. That last step is a real killah.


Anonymous said...

this has got just soooo many angles......
i can see clint eastwood dusting off his long range rifle from the good, the bad, and the ugly.
i can see kofi annus coming out of retirement for one last lament of the evil USA.
i can see a jail break.
i can see the stop-n-go clerk milking this.
yes, there are many angle to this.
did i leave any out?

i don't know if chimp boy took offense in my first reference to the clint eastwood movie title, regarding the ugly, but he should have.

Anonymous said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall.,,right Louie?

Bite my banana.

Anonymous said...

Cindy The Professional Griever Sheehan and Jimmuh are consulting on what they can do.

I rarely watch TV, but this is one event I would pay to see.


Freedom Fighter said...

Hey, the NYT is already cryin' the lie!

Anonymous said...

Heh, just on time, too. Iraqi law forbids the execution of anyone over 70 years of age.

On another note, I wonder if Susan Sarandon has booked her airline ticket yet to sit next to Saddam’s side in his prison cell and give him comfort (and her publicity) like she did for Tookie Williams?

Anonymous said...

Who's next for the jig?

cakreiz said...

Why is it that so many folks are (properly) aghast by the sight of the gallows, but are blind to the hundreds of thousands of innocence victims who lay silently in their graves? I've never understood this.