Friday, December 22, 2006

The Mullahs get sued..instead of bombed

A US federal has ruled that the Iranian government is `partly responsible' for 1996 terrorist attack that killed 19 Americans in Saudi Arabia.

The ruling by US District Judge Royce C. Lamberth allows the families of the victims of the Khobar Towers bombing to pursue a suit against Iran to the tune of $254 million in compensation.

This is the first time that a branch of the US government has officially connected Iran with the Khobar Tower bombings.

Former FBI head Louis Freeh, who investigated the bombings testified in the hearings.

Two Iranian government security agencies and senior members of the Iranian government itself provided funding, training and logistical help to terrorists who carried out the attack on a dormitory that housed US Air Force pilots and staff in Saudi Arabia, Freeh testified.

Now, here's the thing. First of all, why isn't this front page news across America? And second, it used to be that a foreign government deliberately targeting and killing our citizens - especially servicemen - was considered an act of war.

Am I missing something? Or do we simply need leadership that gives a damn and refuses to tolerate this?

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Clovis Sangrail said...

I was saying the same thing about the UK to a colleague yesterday. We spend half our time being told about acts of war that Iran has perpetrated against the USA and the UK and the other half being told we need to get them on board for some diplomatic initiative. Who's insane around here, me or the media?