Thursday, December 14, 2006

Now I've seen everything -Wolf Blitzer interviews David Duke on CNN

YouTube - Duke interview on CNN

It used to be that proto-Nazis like David Duke met in the shadows, because decent people would not tolerate them.

Things have changed. Thanks to the `anti-Zionism' of the American Left and what I can only call the buffoonery of the dinosaur media , people like Duke now have a new `legitimacy'. Duke agrees totally with people like Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter and a host of others...the `no war forIsrael ' crowd.

So here we have the interesting spectacle of David Duke being given a forum by none other than CNN's Wolf Blitzer, someone who some people might consider Jewish because of his ancestry. Duke is allowed to get away with lie after lie after lie on camera, is actually treated politely and seriously by Blitzer rather than being called on his blatant untruths and failure to answer questions. And he actually puts Blitzer on the defensive!

What's more, look at the comments. The cockroaches have come out of the wooodwork and think they're human.

At times like this, I remember how my father, of blessed memory and those of his generation used to deal with wannabe brownshirts like Duke and his ilk. And you don't do it by `dialogue', passing out leaflets at a card table or `debating'. You have to get in their faces and let them know that while they're free to express their racism, it has personal and painful consequences.

And you don't allow idiots like Blitzer to give them a forum on national TV, at major universities or in the mainstream media.

At least not without paying a price for it.



Anonymous said...

And in the 80s, Duke almost won an election for senator for the great state of Louisiana. Just goes to show you what kind of place it is.

Anonymous said...

David Duke may or may not be a Nazi.

But if we can refrain from attacking the messenger for long enough to actually consider the message:

1) Is Wolf Blitzer a former Israeli lobbyist?

2) Are Perle and Wolfowitz former Israeli lobbyists?

3) Did they fabricate evidence of WMD's and rush America to war?

The truth is the truth regardless of the messenger.


Freedom Fighter said...

The truth is indeed the truth, DV...and it is likewise true that stupidity is contagious. And lies are very easily spread.

With your views, I can see why you have doubts about Mr. Duke's being a nazi or not.