Thursday, December 28, 2006

Olmert ready for `peace'

You have to wonder why the general Israeli public hasn't tossed PM Ehud Olmert out of the country, let alone out of office. Do they have a collective death wish or something?

During the last month of a `ceasefire' during which Israel was hit by close to 70 Qassam missiles, Olmert tied the IDF's hands to keep the `peace'. Moreover, he just released over $100M to Mahmoud Abbas from impounded Palestinian funds and apparently has promised to release of 100 murderous terrorists from Israeli custody, including convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti-in exchange for absolutely nothing at all, not even a whisper about Israeli captive Gilad Shalit.

In response to widespread public outcry over the brutal rocket attack on Sderot that left two youngteenagers badly injured, Olmert finally intimated that he might allow the IDF to do `pinpoint strikes', but only under very select conditions.

The IDF was, to say the least, not very pleased at all with not being allowed to defend Israel's civilians adequately. What the IDF wanted was to re- enter the Gaza Strip near the security fence and create a buffer zone that would prevent qassam launching cells from getting close enough to hit Israeli territory. Olmert turned them down flat.

Now to top it all off, Olmert today, in reference to Syria said that he was open to "any murmur of peace" from Israel's enemies!

Syria has recently signaled that it would like to reopen peace talks with Israel, Olmert originally rejected the offers, citing Syria's support for Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Now, all of a sudden,this lunatic (and I'm being charitable) is talking about perhaps dealing the Golan Heights to Boy Assad in exchange for a few whispers of `peace'.

Behind this, of course, is arm twisting via the Iraq Study Group and James Baker protege Condi Rice. And of course, Olmert's own inclinations.

One wonders how many more Israelis will die before the fallacy of Olmert's approach is fully realized.

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