Monday, December 04, 2006

Quote O' The Day..

"...Talking to Iran and Syria about help in stabilizing Iraq is like the fire department asking an arsonist for help in putting out a fire.."

- Senator Joseph Liebermen, in response to a question about negotiaing with Iran and Syria on Iraq.


Anonymous said...

that in some way is.....reaganist.....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the man is endowed with a plethora of COMMON SENSE.

Anonymous said...

"Iran is screwed, no matter what they do."

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Ronbo.

I've seen Spengler's stuff before..very thought provoking.

Along with my analysis of the Iranian economy, this is prima facie evidence of why Iran needs to go to war within the next couple of years..or implode.

I don't buy the bit about the Saudis and Israel cooperating against the Shia,(goes against centuries of conditioning) but who knows?

Thanks for calling this to my attention, bro.