Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Real Holocaust deniers

Ahmadinejad's Iran is in the news again...this time for hosting a conference on what Iran's president Ahmadinejad has called the `myth' of the Holocaust. And of course, he has once again said that Israel is fated to `disappear' soon ...and that the `countdown' towards the end of the Zionist regime will be over soon, Allah willing.

A number of Western leaders seem bent on doing collective impressions of Claude Rains' famous Vichy French captain at Rick's Place in `Casablanca'..they're shocked, simply shocked.

I can't imagine why they would be. This has been Iran's position since 1979. It was, after all, Iran's `moderate' ex-president Rafsanjani who said that the problem of Israel could be solved by one nuclear bomb.

These same Western leaders voicing shock and dismay at the spectacle of Iran holding a Holocaust denial conference are fully aware of this, and what's more, they're fully aware that Iran's denial of the first Holocaust is part of its arming of people like Hezbollah and its pursuit of nuclear weapons to perpetrate a second one.

This is whom people like James Baker and others like him want to `negotiate' with.

Frankly, I can do without the `shock' of Tony Blair, when Britain has had a de facto arms embargo on Israel for years and its foreign secretary threw a major fit over US planes refueling in Scotland en route to Israel with desperately needed munitions during the Lebanon War.

The Western powers are in exactly the same place they were before the last Holocaust. Only with less excuse...because they know that not only did it happen, but that it's entirely plausible.

And like the last time, they are doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

In a very real sense, the `Holocaust denial' of the West's leaders is much worse than Ahmadinejad's.

Ahmadinejad's position, of course, is shared by much of the Muslim world - that the Holocaust was a myth, that the sinister Jews used it to `steal' Arab land, and that even if a few Jews did become lampshades and chimney smoke,why should the Arabs suffer for it?

Here's why. Because the Arab world is directly complicit in the Holocaust. And what's more, they know it.

After World War I, the former Ottoman province that became the Palestine Mandate was given by the League of Nations to British authority for the express purpose of creating a Jewish nation. In the area East of the Jordan River, the only real populated communities were places like Jerusalem and Safed, where the majority of the inhabitants were Jews. Britain's first act was to take 80% of this land, everything east of the Jordan River, give it to the Arabs as Trans-Jordan and forbid any Jews from living or settling there. The Zionist movement was promised by Britain that the rest of Palestine - everything else west of the Jordan River-would be the Jewish homeland. This promise was never kept. The British, during their tenure in Palestine put all kinds of arbitrary barriers on Jews migrating to Palestine, while allowing unlimited immigration to what was left of Palestine to Arabs from Syria, Egypt, and the Hejaz.

Of course, even 80% of Palestine was not enough for the Arabs to accept Jews living next to them in peace and equality. Incited by their leaders, the Arabs rioted and created such unrest from the 1930's onward that the British halted all Jewish immigration to the Holy Land on the eve of the Holocaust with the issuance of the White Paper in 1938 , trapping millions of Jews in Europe without a place to flee to. If not for that, the death toll in the Holocaust would have been nowhere near what it was.

If the Arabs `gave' the Jews three times as much land as Israel consists of,it would not be enough to compensate for their part in the slaughter of the Jews of Europe. And they've compounded this sin - and I use the word advisedly - by ethnically cleansing almost a million Jews from the Arab world since 1948,and trying to complete the task of genocide up to our present day.

All during WWII, when a third of the Jewish population of Palestine was in uniform fighting for the allies, the British allowed unlimited migration from the Arab world into Israel. In 1944, Himmler attempted to make a deal with the Allies to exchange the Jewish population of Hungary, about 500,000 people, for a few trucks. The Americans signed on to the deal but the British vetoed it, explicitly because they were afraid of Arab unrest and did not want these Jews in Palestine. Hungary's Jews went to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen instead of Israel.

During WWII, the Arabs largely sided with the Axis. The `Palestinian' leader, the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem spent most of the war in Europe recruiting Muslims from Bosnia and the Caucasus to fight in SS divisions for Hitler and the Nazis. And in Egypt, numerous veterans of the British 8th Army who fought and defeated the Nazis at El-Alamein have related how the Egyptians had Cairo all decked out in Nazi flags to welcome the German `liberators' when the British marched back into the city.

In spite of this, the British equipped and trained the Arab armies that attempted to massacre the Jews of Israel in 1948. The most effective Arab fighting force in that war, the Jordanian Arab legion, was led by British officers under the notorious Jew hater Colonel John Glubb (`Glubb Pasha').

Anyone interested in the full sordid story should read Lucy Dawidowicz's ` The War Against the Jews : 1933-1945: and Joan Peter's prize winning From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine

In his book, `Crusade in Europe' written in 1946, General Eisenhower wrote about what he called `horror camps' and his reaction on seeing his first one. He made a point of recording those feelings, of seeing that the press toured the camps and took pictures, because somehow he foresaw even then a time when people would deny that the Holocaust occurred.

Footage still exists of American soldiers forcing Germans into the camps to look at what had been done..as if some of those Germans hadn't been living downwind from the smell of burning flesh.

Eisenhower wanted to make sure that `plausible denial' would no longer be an excuse.

There's a lesson in that for our times.



Unknown said...

One quibble, FF: the Iranians aren't Arabs. I know you know that but starting off with the idiotic Holocaust conference in Tehran and transitioning to Arab support for the Nazis confuses the post somewhat.

Historically, the relationship between Jews and the government of Persia has been sort of intermittent: they actually weren't treated much worse there than they were in a typical European country and at some periods significantly better. That ended in 1979.

BTW there were actual battles in World War II that took place in Lebanon. The Lebanese mostly sided with the Vichy French. The Syrians supported the Nazis. The Jews supported the British (there was a Jewish regiment in the British Army). Jordan, under British mandate, supported the British.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Dave,
Nice to see you...thanks for dropping by.
(Y'all, check out Dave's fine site, the Glittering Eye under the Watcher's Council list).

You right Dave. As we both know, Persians aren't Arabs. However, the rationale Ahmadinejad is using, as I remark in the post is that the ARABS were victimized by the Jews due to the Holocaust that the Arabs had nothing to do with.

Therefore, I think that exploring the Arabs culpability for the death toll in the Holocaust is not confusing in the least.

I could also have mentioned Iraq, which had a pro-Nazi regime in power and terrorized the Jews there.

The reality, of course is that it shouldn't matter a whit to Iran whether Israel exists or not. It is Ahamadinejad who has chosen to confuse the issue, not I.

RE: The `Jewish regiment'. You're referring of course, to Orde Wingate's Jewish legion. However, you may not know that 33% of the Jewish population of `Palestine'served in uniform in various commonwealth forces during WWII - one of the highest percentages of any alied country.

Soccer Dad said...

IN this paragraph:After World War I, the former Ottoman province that became the Palestine Mandate was given by the League of Nations to British authority for the express purpose of creating a Jewish nation. In the area East of the Jordan River, the only real populated communities were places like Jerusalem and Safed, where the majority of the inhabitants were Jews. Britain's first act was to take 80% of this land, everything west of the Jordan River, give it to the Arabs as Trans-Jordan and forbid any Jews from living or settling there. The Zionist movement was promised by Britain that the rest of Palestine - everything else east of the Jordan River-would be the Jewish homeland.
Didn't you reverse east and west?

And as a slightly relevant footnote: Persia actually tried to help Jews during the Holocaust.

Freedom Fighter said...

Mea culpa! Correction noted.

And I agree with you..Persia was not an anti-Semitic country until the mullahs took over.

Anonymous said...

gentile in the comment section.
gentile in the comment section.

while it is true that i hit JP about, oh, 85-90 times a day, i do go to other sites.
some of the MSM news sites..........
oh well, my question is:
one of the news sites i visited showed a picture of the stop-n-go clerk that calls himself the prez of iran shaking hands with someone who is described as "an ultra-orthodox jew" who is anti-israel. not only did the caption state this, but in the body of the article it indicated to me that "all" ultra-orthodox jooos are anti-israel.
as previously stated being a gentile, can you shed some light on this for me?
i know there are those self-loathing jews who are anti-israel, but i don't quite grasp this representation.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
There is a tiny fringe element of Orthodox Jewry that claims that Israel is illegitimate since it is a secular state and was formed before the coming of Moshiach(the Messiah).

The people pictured are from the miniscule Neshui Karta sect, who are despised by many Jews because of the legitimacy they lend to Jew haters like Ahmadinejad.

You can put them on the level of the small Baptist sect that interrupts military funerals.

ps: Weekend Monkey sends his compliments and is anxiously awaiting your answers to the sharia quiz.

ipw533 said...

Also worth noting is that in Heinrich Hoene's Order of the Death's Head, a fairly definitive history of the SS, there was a faction of the SS which felt it was possible to deport Germany's Jews to Palestine and thus resolve their own "Jewish issue". This was blocked first by the British and then by the Goering/Goebbles faction of the Nazi Party, which used the ill-advised assassination of Vom Rath to initiate te pogrom history records as Kristallnacht.

The fate of Europe's Jews was more or less sealed in 1938. With nowhere to escape, they were concentrated and later murdered en masse in Poland following the January 1942 Wannsee Conference....

Freedom Fighter said...

Great comment, IPW.

Another fascinating theory the Germans had and actually advanced at the Wannsee conference was shipping all the Jews to Madasgascar.

But they decided that it would have involved too much shipping.

Anonymous said...

Fine analysis of the past. But let's look forward. Do we smoke the peace pipe with Khamenei (and the barely visible yet still powerful Akbar Rafsanjani), or do we reduce the barely powerful yet incandescent President Ahmadinejad to a pile of ash amongst several million other Persians?

You decide. And explain the consequences.

Freedom Fighter said...

Welcome to JoshuaPundit Steve.

You're new here I believe,so you're not aware of my position on this issue.

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Time to do the mullah dance

In the first place, I might point out that, as Eccliastes pointed out, there's nothing new under the sun. In other words, the past becomes the future if we let it.

I don't agree with you that Ahmadinejad is `barely powerful', since he operates under the orders of the Supreme Council and Khamanei. Or like ex-president Clinton, did you think Iran was a `democracy?'

The choice is not `peace or war'. In fact, Iran has been waging a de facto war with us since 1979.

So the question REALLY is: do we fight Iran and Islamic fascism at a time of our choosing or theirs?

YOU decide and explain the consequences when an American city suffers thousands of casualties from a Hezbollah cell or `al Qaeda' or a home grown jihadi using nujes or biological weapons supplied by the mullahs for use against the Great Satan.

Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

You use good sense in your choice of arguments, the only mistake I saw was the USA and UK vetoed the trucks for Jews Hungarian deal. They were wary of upsetting Joe 'Ethnic'Stalin, who unwittingly gave Hitler the blueprint for slaughter. The SS added railway wagon cartage, brutality, showers without water and Kyclon B cynide gas to Joes formuale. The Holocaust was a tragic losss to us all, we need the diversity of Jewish life, insights, comedy, and without it Vienna, Berlin and Budapest became gray morgues. I wish the UK, meaning England, had had the foresight to say we'll take 5 million Jews under the age of 105, right now. What a priceless gift that would have been, millions of nice people - for nothing, cheaper than sheep, or cows, and all well read and educated. Racism needs to be pratical, 1 jew is worth 7 Palestinians, and one's honest, the others been on benefit, oil benefits. Extortion was Yasser Arafats real message. Bob UK.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Louie-Louie.

Even Jews are confused over this orthodox Jews, lunatic ethnic treason. An Orthodox Jew joining in an Anti-Israel tirade. To explain for it for you - the Jewish faith lets say has got 3019 laws that must be observed, due to lack of faith some Jews failed to observe 114 of them, so they are bad-Jews, [boo] now these bad Jews need to be punished [hurray] This Rabbi can't punish them himself - because some Jews are not so keen on letting others know they 'ECONOMISED' a little on the observances and practices of the Jewish faith, [a definite no-no] but all's not lost, being a Rabbi you can always solicit Gods help to seek them out and punish them. The stakes are quite high, lets say you don't read the Torah 9 times a day, so bang goes Tel Aviv, you don't send your son to his Barmitsvah lessons - you lose Haifa. Its a form of Religious Observance Poker all faiths can play. That reminds me to post the letter on my mantle piece to President Bush, he's being going short lately on the UK reparations agreement and the Sunday Visits to Church Acts, [so] either he delivers Montana and Wyoming back to us Brits, or bang goes Dallas and Hoston. I'll get praying - so warn him. Why Montana and Wyoming - ain't they just the most gorgous places on earth - and Americans would never dream of visiting them, there into Carribean cruises - the smucks.