Sunday, December 24, 2006

In the first major battle of the Somalia War, Ethiopia routs the jihadis

Ethiopia's armed forces met the jihadist Islamic Court troops in battle in Islamist-held Dinsoor, Belet Weyne, Bandiradley and Bur Haqaba.

Over 500 Islamic Court troops were killed in the fighting and almost 300 taken prisoner. Rest assured, Ethiopia won't be keeping these jihadis in the same luxury we keep our `guests' in Club Gitmo.

The prisoners themselves are reportedly an interesting mix - including fighters from Lebanon, Pakistan, Eritrea, and of course, the Sudan. Funny how that worked out.

Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zanami said his army was acting in self-defense against an Islamist militia who had declared jihad on his country, and that his forces were supporting the moderate Somali interim government. The jihadis had driven out the interim secular government out of most of the country, including the capital, Mogadishu.

As those of you whom are regular members of Joshua's Army know, the Islamic Courts jihadis have received heavy support from both Iran and al Qaeda, and a number of Somalis fought in the Lebanon War against Israel with Hezbollah.

The current conflict is an effort by Iran to control East Africa and especially the strategic Horn of Africa, and the Ethiopians, seeing what was going on to the North of them in Darfur decided to act decisively rather than wait to be attacked from two directions. Unlike another couple of leaders I could mention, Zanami was a leetle more realistic about diplomacy and the UN when it comes to stopping jihad.

We should be arming and training the Ethiopians and the Darfur rebels forthwith. This, like Israel, is simply another front on the global jihad.

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