Saturday, December 23, 2006

The UN finally votes on watered down Iran sanctions

Well, the UN Security Council was finally able to dilute any sanctions against Iran to the point where the Russians voted for them - not that in the real world, sanctions against Iran will be any more effective than they were against Saddam Hussein.

The `sanctions' are supposedly aimed at Iran’s trade in sensitive nuclear materials and ballistic missiles.

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who was successful in neutering any parts of the resolution that might actually have had an effect on Iran, emphasized that the resolution did not permit any use of force. The Russians made sure of that. The resolution is under Chapter 7 of under Article 41 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which makes enforcement mandatory but restricts action to nonmilitary measures.

And, of course, the $800 million light-water reactor for Tehran at Bushehr that Russia is building for the Mullahs is exempted in the resolution.

The travel restrictions are gone. To replace the travel ban, the resolution now calls on all states ``to exercise vigilance'' regarding the entry or transit through their territory of the dozen Iranians on the U.N. list. I can certainly see the Russians and certain other UN members doing that.

The financial penalties and restrictions aimed at preventing Iran and Iranian companies from trading in nuclear materials, missile technology and weaponry were watered down as well, with certain individuals and companies being exempted at Russia's request.

The resolution also says the Security Council will review Iran's actions after they receive a report from the head of the IAEA on whether Iran has suspended uranium enrichment and complied with other IAEA demands.

In other words, it's all up to Inspector Clouseau IAEA head Mohamed el-Baradi, the man who couldn't find his behind with both hands in Iran for over a decade.

The US tried some basic face saving. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice issued a statement saying: "The Iranian government, through its own actions, has further isolated itself and the Iranian people from the international community."

"This resolution is a strong signal to the government of Iran that it should accept its international obligations, suspend its sensitive nuclear activities and accept the negotiations path that the US and its Security Council partners offered six months ago," she said.

And Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns chimed in and said: "We don't think this resolution is enough in itself. We want the international community to take further action. We're certainly not going to put all our eggs in the UN basket."

I wonder what's next? Standing up in the UN, sticking their tongues out and making farting noises every time Ahmadinejad or Ali Laranji stand up to speak?

Whom do they think they're kidding?

Certainly not the Iranians.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told state-run television that the resolution "..cannot affect or limit Iran's peaceful nuclear activities but will discredit the decisions of the Security Council, whose power is deteriorating."

"Ratifying this resolution is an illegal measure outside the jurisdiction of the Security Council and contradicting the regulations of the United Nations charter...this decision cannot stand against the will of the Iranian nation."

In other words, they're going to keep right on going. Especially with that lovely new nuclear facilty schelduled to go online by mid-2007.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Holiday Greetings from Ronbo

Anonymous said...

You know, this gets me thinking. The Europeans don't really like America, many of them equate us with Nazi Germany and Bush with Hitler...I wonder how they would like to live in a world where Iranian nukes can reach London and Paris, or in a world dominated by Russia or China.

Maybe then they would realize that America is the most generous, benevolent superpower in recorded history.

Anonymous said...

The UN is a joke, The US would be better of to pick up our stuff and go home. Wait we are home. Maybe we should tell the UN to pick up their toys and go home.