Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Condi Rice and Robert Gates endorse Saudi `peace' ultimatum to Israel

"An appeasor is one who thinks the crocodile will eat him last" - Winston Churchill

On their first day in Riyadh our secretary of State and our Secretary of Defense bent over, grabbed their ankles and endorsed the Saudi `peace' ultimatum to Israel .

Let's briefly go over that proposition once more. In exchange for uprooting 250,000 of its citizens and making them homeless, withdrawing to what Abba Eban referred to as the Auschwitz lines, giving up sovereignty over half of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and flooding what's left of Israel with hostile Arab `refugees', Israel supposedly gets guarantee of undefined `normal relations'... at least for as long as it still exists.

And what's more, per the Saudis it's not subject to negotiation.

And not only is the Bush Administration endorsing the ultimatum, it wants to provide $20 Billion worth of high tech arms to the Saudis to the Saudis in case Israel refuses to knuckle under.

So much for the vaunted Bush Doctrine. It should be revised to say `You're either with us, or with the terrorists...unless you're murdering Jews. That,we can live with.'

This is one of the most racist and contemptible bits of appeasement and betrayal of an ally I can imagine contemplating. And aside from being morally disgusting, it makes no sense even on a pragmatic, realpolitik basis.

It may start with the Jews, but rest assured that it will not end there.

I urge Joshua's Army members to weigh in and let the White House and your representatives in the House and in the Senate know how you feel about this.

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