Sunday, August 26, 2007

Islamist Terror in Hyderabad -Bomb Blast kills 40

Muslims and Hindus join together in a memorial in honor of the Hyderabad victims

Along with New Delhi and Mumbai, Hyderabad became the third large Indian city to be victimized by a major Islamist attack.

There were two explosions at a crowded park where a laser show was underway and a third five minutes later at a popular fast food center on Saturday night. The bombs used alarm clocks as their triggering devices.

The toll of dead and injured was supposed to be much higher. Indian police found and defused 19 bombs in plastic bags attached to timers at bus stops, parks, bridges and food stalls, planted so as to cause maximum death among civilians.

Going by available intelligence, the nature of the explosives, and the bomb-maker’s construction techniques — what forensic experts refer to as a ‘signature’ — the bombings were likely carried out by the Harkat-ul-Jihad-e-Islami (HuJI), a subgroup of our old pals Pakistani -based Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad. A fair amount of evidence collected by India's security services , electronic and otherwise points at HuJI’s director of south India operations, Abdul Sahel Mohammad, who operates out of Karachi, Pakistan according to Indian authorities. Mohammad is a one-time Hyderabad resident who uses the code names ‘Shahid’ and ‘Bilal’ and is wanted by Interpol for at least four separate terrorist atacks.

India has repeatedly called for his arrest, but Pakistan has responded by flatly denying that Mohammad is in Pakistan.

This could be a very ominous sign for the future. Barely a year ago, armed with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf stated that he was committed to a peaceful relationship with India and to ending terrorism directed at India from Pakistan. India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh then revived peace talks and dialogue with Pakistan, including the establishment of an India-Pakistan joint counter-terrorism force. Since then, Islamists and their allies in the Pakistani military and security services have been working to undermine Musharraf's regime.

Given his domestic troubles and the political unrest in Pakistan, the Hyderabad bombing could very well indicate that the Islamist groups are no longer under control.

On the positive side, in Hyderabad itself, peace has largely prevailed between Hindus and Muslims, in no small part because local Muslims have unequivocally denounced the attacks, and are mourning their own dead and wounded....the bombers did not discriminate.

"There is no doubt that it was a terrorist attack aimed at all people in Hyderabad —not Hindus, not Muslims, not anybody alone. In this hour of great crisis we need to stand together to defeat the enemy", said Hyderabad’s MP Asaduddin Owaisi.

Mazhar Hussain, in-charge of the Confederation of Voluntary Organizations, said that the bomb blasts in the city should not be looked from the prism of Hindus and Muslims. "It is a bigger game the objective of which is to hurt India, bleed India. The investigation therefore should be quick, fair and credible at the local as well as national level", he said.


Anonymous said...

what a big liar you are man! no body's even sure who carried out the attacks! they reckoned it was all those lashkar and jaish and islami people... but then they always do! it doesnt depend on intelligence, thats the way their brain works.. within minutes media people had started taking these names! but even they werent as sure as you are!

and by the way, viola! the very next day "investigators do indeed have sufficient grounds to look into a naxal involvement. Naxals often use gelatin explosives and Neogel was used in this case." quoted from the NDTV website!

Freedom Fighter said...

We all know that peace lovin' Muslims would NEVER blow up anybody, right Amuu ?

By the way, you just admitted that my original quote - which came from the Hindu and the India Times, quoting Indian counterterrorism forces - was real and not a `lie'..otherwise, why would the inspectors CHANGE their story, hmm? IF they did, and if it makes a difference?..QED, Bubba.

As for the organizations named, exactly who else has committed terrorist attacks against India except the `peace lovin' Muslims' from Pakistan? Tick tock, tick tock times up!

Y'see, Amuu, Muslims like you who constantly make excuses for these barbaric acts are the problem, not the solution..unlike most of the Muslim community of Hyderabad.

Unknown said...

Islamist Terror in Hyderabad -Bomb Blast kills 40???? How can you claim that it was Islamist when even the 'counterterrorism forces' are not sure, but think the chances are high! Maybe you have sources they dont! Man why not help them solve this case?

Well the peace lovin' Muslims prefer blowing themselves up, you know like the palestinians... hmmm why o why? maybe coz they dont have bombers and rockets the way peace lovin' israelis do! yaay we have the answer now!

And you ask me who else has committed terror attacks in India? oh i reckon in 1992 muslims destroyed the Babri Masjid and then later ran amuck killing Muslims, and probably Muslims were responsible for the Godhra fire and later the Gujarat Carnage... hmmm... what have we got here... maybe the Muslims were also responsible for the Mecca Masjid blast and ofcourse for Malegaon Blasts... who believes in Investigations or evidence or forensics... such things you take for granted, don't you?

And am quite sure those Naxals... they must be closet Muslims... what else can explain all those killings and suicide bombings they have been involved in?! what say mate?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Muslima,
Thanks for dropping by.

I'm sorry, but denial ain't a river in Egypt.

Considering the amount of terrorism Islamist groups have been involved with in recent times in India as opposed to the Naxals, I think it's a pretty safe bet who did this. We'll see.

Your response also doesn't address the widespread violence committed by Muslims worldwide against non-Muslims, and I would expect a rational, peace loving person to condemn it utterly.

As far as the `Palestinians' go, I must admit I find your moral relativism disgusting, frankly.These are people who have deliberately targeted and murdered defenseless women and children and there's no excuse for it opposed to the IDF, who has gone out of it's way to avoid civilian deaths.

The truth of this is obvious. If the IDF were even half as murderous and genocidal as the `Palestinians', there wouldn't be any `Palestinians' left by now.

Even worse, the `Palestinians' keep agitating for the release of the murderers the Israelis have in custody, people no civilized group would want among them...unless their intentions were simply genocidal, which judging by the popularity of Hamas, they largely are.

It strikes me as increasingly odd that Muslims worldwide demonize the one country in the Middle East who has actually given the Palestinians' so much as a square dunam of land to call their own...unless the explanation involves what I've always said is the main issue in the Middle East, the inability of Arabs to live next to Jews in peace and equality there.

And that's what I say, mate.

Again thanks for dropping by.