Monday, August 20, 2007

Dhimi-itis Alert - The BBC drops fictional terror attack to avoid offending Muslims

Interesting about the Beeb....they have no problem demonizing Israel or looking down on Jews or Christians, but the one religion they're absolutely terrified of is the Religion of Peace.

There's lots of evidence of this, but the latest example is the way the BBC recently changed an episode of its hospital show `Casualty' that featured a fictional Islamic terror attack to `avoid offending Muslims'.

Instead, the script's been altered so that the bomb will be set off by animal rights activists instead. Take that, PETA!

Two comments on this story by readers are right on. First, it proves that terrorism works, at least with the dhimmis at the Beeb.

And second, since the Muslim Council of Britain has said that terrorist actions (as opposed to the loosely defined `legitimate resistance') are not part of Islam, why would a fictional terrorist attack be `offensive' to Muslims?

Stoo-pid dhimmis.

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