Friday, August 10, 2007

Roundup With Weekend Monkey, 8/10/07

And now, it's time for the weekly roundup for Joshua's Army members...a rundown of news and views, featuring me and my close personal friend, Democrat presidential candidate Weekend Monkey!

WM: Whaddup, FF?

FF: Hey, Monkey. To tell you the truth, I've been better..but let's talk about you! What was the deal with that new Iowa poll showing you as number 4 for the Democrat candidates and gaining? I mean, I was impressed.

WM: Hee hee...well, you can't always rely on polls, but I think this is a clear indication that my message is making inroads among the people. And you can't shut this monkey out of the race!

FF: Spoken like an up and coming politician,Monkey. Was it true what Grupstein said, that you were hanging out and partying with the poli sci geeks at Iowa State U when they were doing the poll?

WM: That's a misquote, pal. She never said that I was there, or that there was any `partying' whatever that might mean.

FF: Hmmmm..plausible denial...very impressive. Did you catch what Obama said on CNN about you?

WM: That loser can bite the rotten banana. Notice, though, that he said he was going to have his security thugs beat me into a halal pulp. Interesting choice of words for someone who keeps insisting he's not a Muslim.

He's got he's own problems, anyway. Did you catch what that over hyped load said about invading Pakistan?

FF: Yeah, I did. it startled me. I mean, everybody keeps yakking about how Obama is so smart, but this was one of the stupidest things I've seen in politics. Not only that, but it was really harmful.

WM: How so?

FF: Well, you have to realize that Musharraf, what ever else he may be is a moderate compared to a lot of the folks who want to take power there. To them, he's a US tool.

So here we have a major US presidential candidate, a US senator no less, talking about invading his country? To the jihadis, it was like confirmation from America's own lips that Musharraf is Bush's bumboy. And to Musharraf, it undermined his credibility in his own country at a time when that's the last thing he needed. he was supposed to attend a traditional conference with the Afghan tribes and the US that really could have been a positive development as far as controlling al Qaeda and the Taliban. Instead, Musharraf begged off, because he couldn't be seen cooperating with the US any further thanks to Senator Big Mouth.

Obama's worst nightmare would be if he gets elected and someone takes that as a signal to snuff Musharraf and take over. All of a sudden, we have a jihadi controlled country with nukes and ballistic missiles to deal with simply because he was too dumb and too self interested to keep his cakehole shut.

WM: Whoo...Y'know, you're right about that, FF. People could get killed because of his silly poop. Can I use that?

FF: Sure. And by the way, it gets even better. Can you believe that `Obama's War' involves invading Pakistan with two US brigades? 6,000 men in an area almost as big as Texas? And he says that he's going to get the Europeans to come in with us?

WM: That seems a little far-fetched to me, I gotta say..and the Euros..why would they want to get involved in something like that?

FF: It's beyond far fetched, Monkey. We're talking crack head logic. What is it with Illinois and its senators? How did they come up with this guy and Durbin? Is it something in the water, maybe?

WM: Maybe in the Cook County water, if you get my meaning.

FF: Yeah, Dick Gregory once said that in most of America, voting 's a Chicago, it's a sport.

WM: Hee hee hee! Good one!

FF: Seriously though, Monkey, if you get finish like third or something in Iowa, it puts your campaign on a whole new level. Push the ethanol price subsidies thing. The image of gold plated John Deere's and harems full of corn fed lovelies instead of a bunch of Arabs driving around in gilded Rolls-Royces was brilliant, and I think it's a real winner.

WM: Yeah, the primates seem to like it. I think I've got some momentum here, and I can feel myself climbing up to the next level.

FF: Kinda like Donkey Kong?

WM: Ah Shaddup! said you weren't feelin' so AOK. What's up?

FF: The thing about Olmert evicting those Jews From Hebron. Just the idea of those poor people being dragged out of their homes for no reason like that...

WM: It made you sad?

FF: Sad and angry, Monkey. I love America, but I care a lot about Israel and I know a lot of people there. This is the first time I've ever been ashamed of something an Israeli government did..well, maybe Amona
was the first time, but this was even worse in a way, because Hebron is so much a part of Jewish history and culture.

WM: Why didn't they just let them stay? They weren't hurting anybody, were they?

FF: No Monkey, they weren't. I think this was just Olmert's way of showing the Israeli Left and certain other interested parties that he was more than willing to kick Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria if it means he can stay in power, keep out of jail and show off some kind of Oslo II at the end of it . This was just the beginning, to see if he could get away with it.

I think a lot of people who read this site probably didn't understand why I was so upset about it and didn't like what I wrote about it. it really puts Israel in a bad light, but I can't lie. I mean, it's just so wrong, and I can see where it's leading...

WM: You know what, FF? I know you feel bad, and I understand why, but you gotta move on.
The Israelis are either going to start thumping their chests and throw this Olmert baboon out of the tribe, or they're going to lay back and take the consequences. That's a choice they have to make. Sometimes really bad stuff has to happen before people wake up. Even here in America.
We all gotta walk the plank sometimes...and a lot of times it ends up working out for the best.

FF: You're right Monkey. There was even a guy who wrote a column this week saying we needed another 9/11 to wake us up and pull the country together...but hey, I wrote what I wrote, and if people don't understand, they don't understand. And anyway, it's the weekend, Monkey! And some good stuff is happening. You heard about the CAIR trial and about those marines being cleared for that bogus Haditha garbage... I hear Murtha's staff just hangs up when anybody calls for a comment..

WM: Woo hoo! See you say, good stuff.

FF: You take it easy, and enjoy..and good luck in Iowa.

WM: Thanks FF. Bye bye, primates! And remember, it takes a Monkey!

FF: Bye gang, remember, love is where you find it..see you in 24 or so.

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Soccer Dad said...

Very entertaining but there was already an Oslo II. nit pick, nit pick - enjoy your vacation.