Monday, August 20, 2007

The EU cuts off Gaza's Electricity

The European Union has decided to stop paying the bills for Gaza's electricity ...because they belatedly realized that Hamas was skimming the funds for its own purposes.

Hamas' scam was not discovered by the EU on its own of course. Hamas was ratted out by Jawwad Hirzallah, deputy minister of economy, who told the EU that Hamas was pocketing electricity revenues while the EU footed the power bill.

"Hamas is collecting all the electricity fees and never pays the costs of the electricity," he said.

Now who could have imagined that a bunch of Islamist terrorist murderers would actually steal money from gullible infidels? Shocking, simply shocking.

Even funnier is the EU's statement: "We are ready to resume our support to the Gaza power plant within hours once we receive the appropriate assurances that all the funds will be exclusively used for the benefit of the Gaza population."

In other words, if the Hamas gang gives the EU its `assurances' that they'll be good boys in the future, the money tap turns back on like nothing happened....and never mind making Hamas repay the stolen funds!

It shouldn't, but it still amazes me the lengths to which the EU will go to accommodate Islamist terrorism.


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