Monday, August 13, 2007

`We Will March On A Road of Bones' - the Hitler youth and the Jihad Youth

Regular members of Joshua's Army know that I've found numerous similarities between jihadi Islam and the Nazis, starting with my comparison of the Qu'ran vs. Mein Kampf.

Here we have a must-see video that compares the Nazi attitude towards indoctrinating youth with the techniques used by the jihadis to create shaheed `martyrs':

The jihadis were Hitler's allies during WWII, and they undoubtedly learned much from him..and vice versa, since the jihadis' attempts to indoctrinate youth predate the Nazis and go back to the Assassins Islamic sect of the 8th century...some of the world's first terrorists.

Or, to quote Yasir Arafat, speaking to Palestinian women: `Have ten children, keep one for yourself and give the rest to me for Palestine.'


Soccer Dad said...

Go back a few years and you'll find lots of pictures of Hamas and Fatah engaging in what could only be termed, Nazi salutes.
(blogs like Elder of Ziyon, Israelly Cool! It's almost Supernatural, and the unfortunately on hiatus AbbaGav.)

Soccer Dad said...

I'd also point out that Bernard Lewis (in I think, What went wrong) writes that the Muslim brotherhood derived its ideology from Naziism.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi SD,
I've written a number of posts based on the striking comparison of Islamism and Naziism.

This one for instance, comparing the Qu'ran and Mein Kampf

Hard to say which came first though, the chicken or the egg.
The roots of the Salafist movement go back to the 1920's, and are based on fundamentalist Islam as given in the Qu'ran. And many of the ideas on indoctrinating the young go back to the Assasins, as I said.

On the other hand, Hitler,while no intellectual was obviously aware of Islamist ideology and history.he picked an ancient Persian `Aryan' symbol, the swastika as his logo.

In fact, Muslims and Nazis got along quite well together, worked together during WWII and Mein Kampf is a major bestseller in the Arab world to this day.

Soccer Dad said...

Whoops, that should have Baathism, not Muslim Brotherhood.

It astounds me when right thinking people - like Thomas Friedman - complain that the de-Baathification of Iraq was a mistake (that should have been avoided). But in the wake of WWII, the Allies imposed a de-Nazification on Germany. It doesn't seem far fetched that de-Baathification made just as much sense.

I thought that the Swastika was a Roman symbol.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi SD,
Hmmmm. Thomas Friedman `right-thinking'? The original shill for the Saudi `peace' ultimatum? I'm not sure I'm with you on that one.

The key to Iraq, IMO, would have been to put the country under martial law and appoint a military governor for a number of years. Unfortunately,the present occupant of the White House had his little `Arab democracy' fetish and pushed these people into elections way before they had any clue as to democracy...if they ever would, which is open to discussion.

In Japan, we kept them under military occupation for four years, and during that time if General MacArthur had ordered the Japanese population to rise at 8 Am and sing `God Bless America' the only question they would have asked is "What key, General-san?"

That's how it works in an honor/shame culture.

Even after we allowed them to have elections, we made sure a pro-Western, pro-American government came to power. In Iraq, all we did was empower a bunch of Shiite crooks who spent the Saddam years cuddled up with our enemies in Iran.


The swastika is an ancient symbol of the Aryans (Iran,get it?)and is prominent in ancient Indo-Persian monuments.

Thanks for droppin' by, SD!