Wednesday, August 01, 2007

`Go To Hell And Take Your 72 Virgins With You'

That's exactly what Jason Mattera, spokesman for the Young America’s Foundation told unindicted terrorist co-conspirators CAIR and its lawyers when they tried to lean on them to dis-invite Jihad Watch's pundit and famed author Robert Spenser from making a speech at one of their events.

Here's the letter from CAIR's lawyers:

Can you believe these people? And just the other day, CAIR spokesmouth Ibrahim Hooper was bloviating on CNN about how much CAIR respects the First Amendment!Meanwhile, backed by cash from the Saudis and the UAE, CAIR is attempting to intimidate anyone remotely critical of Islamism or jihad by hiring lawyers to threaten lawsuits and harassment like Joseph Sandler...who, by the way has major credentials with the Democrat Party as a general consul to the DNC.

Unfortunately for CAIR, things aren't going their way as much as they used to. Things are changing.

In other news, the Famous Jumpin' Imams who's lawsuit over being thrown off a domestic airline was backed by CAIR and the ACLU have decided not to include `John Doe' passengers who reported their suspicious behavior to authorities in their lawsuit against US Airways and the police after all.

According to their lawyer, Frederick Goetz, motion to amend the complaint to exclude the names of the individuals responsible for the imams' removal was entered Tuesday in U.S. District Court. Goetz claims that the recent `John Doe' amendment approved by Congress had nothing to do with excluding the passengers' names from the lawsuit.

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Anonymous said...

You know what the ironic thing is? CAIR doesn’t even represent most American muslims. That’s why their membership dropped drastically after 9/11, and that’s why most of their funding comes from foreign governments, not American muslims.

Our media, however, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that CAIR are the spokespeople for American muslims, and that’s why they get so much attention. They should just be ignored in favor of genuinely moderate muslim groups.

Freedom Fighter said...

Our media...and certain Saudi lovin' politicians!

The last time we had a foreign funded lobbying group with this much clout was in the days of Chiang Kai Shek's `China Lobby'..and even they weren't tax exempt!