Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UPDATE: The EU turned the electricity back on in Gaza

The EU is paying for Gaza's electricity again, now that Hamas has said that, cross their lil' hearts and hope to die, they weren't skimming the electricity funding.

Besides, it was getting difficult to manufacture Qassam rockets to fire at Israel without any juice.

In other news, Selim Fayed and Abbas have tacitly admitted that they were lying about a `computer mistake' being responsible for paying a full years salary to Hamas `security' out of Israeli and US funds...who's bank account numbers they just happened to have on file to wire the money to.

Fatah is also now paying salaries to Fatah civil servants in the same way... on one condition: they stay home and do not report for work!

Apparently, this is an attempt to buy loyalty while Fatah is out of the picture in Gaza. According to Fatah, their instructions not to work apply mainly to the roughly 50,000 people who comprised the Fatah security forces in Gaza, "because we don't want them to be a tool in Hamas' hands to hammer and suppress the Palestinian people," said Palestinian Cabinet Minister Ashraf Ajrami. He said the instructions also apply to Fatah employees who have been harassed or harmed by Hamas.

Gee...if that horse manure was true, with 50,000 boots on the ground you'd think Fatah could take Gaza back from Hamas, wouldn't you?

The reality, of course is that Hamas and Fatah are getting closer to working together again and just haggling over the details, regardless of what Abbas told President Bush, Condi Rice and Ehud Olmert.

Now there's a shocker, right?

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