Monday, August 06, 2007

Trying to Win Ugly

One of today's headlines concerns GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's 17 year old daughter, Caroline from his second marriage.

Apparently the minions at Slate Magazine have nothing better to do than to search out her facebook profile to reveal that, until this morning, she was part of a group known as "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)."

Apparently, when Slate sent her an inquiry as part of a snide little piece entitled `Daddy Dearest', she promptly withdrew from the group and refused to comment. Which didn't stop Slate and a slew of other ethics starved journos from weighing in.

Interesting that the same people who made a fetish of the phrase `leave Chelsea alone' during Mr. Bill's tenure, let alone excusing his serial adultery on the grounds that it was a private matter between him and his wife have such a lack of respect for someone else's family privacy...provided he's a Republican.

But then, it's all about winning, even if it's winning ugly, right?

This is a 17 year old teen who was caught in the middle of a messy divorce, and none of us know what really went on firsthand. And this is a gross violation of her privacy and an attempt to embarrass an innocent bystander in order to play partisan politics. Whatever Caroline Giuliani's relationship with her father, one thing that's obvious is that she apparently retains enough feeling and respect for him to resign from the Obama group to avoid embarrassing him, and to refrain from taking shots at him via an obviously panting media.

the twit at Slate who made this an issue as well as her follow-the leader pals in the dinosaur media ought to be ashamed of themselves.


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