Monday, August 13, 2007

A Conversion in Print - `Time to Admit The Gun Nuts Are Right'

This from the editor of the Liberal Connecticut Journal-Inquirer, Keith C. Burris:

"Is it possible that the Second Amendment is not a quaint and antiquated remnant of a world that will never return, but an idea as relevant and sound today as when it was written?

Is it possible that we are not talking about the right of the government to form a militia when there is no standing army, but the right of the individual to defend himself, or herself, against both tyranny and lawlessness? Maybe we are talking about the right of self-defense -- the right of the individual to take up arms against a government that wants to oppress, be it foreign or domestic. And the right of the individual to defend himself against criminals, brutes, and barbarians when local police seem unable to stop them.

Might the Second Amendment matter almost as much as the First?

I think the answer is yes." {...)

No one step or program can plug every hole in America's justice system, or its soul.

But there are times when a gun in the hands of a potential victim may save a life.

Let's admit -- since the murderers, and druggies, and psychos, and thieves already have guns -- that arming the peaceful, law-abiding, decent, and productive people, whether in a school, or a private home, or on the way to a parked car, is an option that also has merit".

What brought on this particular epiphany was the brutal home invasion of the Petit family by two recently paroled thugs with 20 felonies between them. Three women were brutally raped and murdered. The two Petit sisters were only 11 and 17.

Apparently the good liberals in Connecticut are even considering enacting a `three strikes' law for felons. It's long overdue.

Welcome to the light, Mr. Burris. Better late than never.


Anonymous said...

too bad it didn't happen to mr. burris.....
oh, do i sound like a kos kid????
pooo pooo

the premise of the link sounds a whole like something i remember seeing a long long time ago.
but if the police were alerted as soon as she left the bank, why did they not arrive until house was on fire and the women dead.
must have been busy at Krispy Kreme that day.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie Louie,
I think you're marching by yourself on this one..I'm not with you, my brother.

I wouldn't wish what happened to the Petit family on anyone.

And if Mr. Burris had an epiphany, that's all to the's just a shame that it ook three innocent lives to do it.I think he realizes that now.