Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball Player Makes Superman Leap Over Catcher To Score

Brian Kownacki of Fordham U came up with a unique move. I think this little maneuver will be known as The Fordham Flip from now on!

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B.Poster said...

This is some move by Brian Kownaci!! The normal approach to this type of play would probably be a hook slide, however, this is far more dramatic and had a better chance of working.

When you are beaten by a play like this, the appropiate response is to be pis#ed!! I'm a competitor myself and I can understand that reaction. I sure would be.

With that said it is quite clear even in fast motion that the Fordham player did not wander outside the base paths and it is clear he landed on home plate. As such, there is nothing for the opposing to argue about.

While this a great play by the Fordham player, it could have been prevented or been made more difficult to execute had the catcher positioned himself closer to home plate. This is what they teach in the fundamentals of baseball. From where the catcher is positioned a hook slide might have worked but its less dramatic. Had the catcher been properly positioned the player would have landed on top of the catcher when he did the flop or his flop would have carried him past home plate. Also, a hook slide would have been much more difficult to execute as well.

Instead of arguing with the umpire over what is clearly the correct call, the coach should work on teaching his catchers proper fundamentals. This would be far more productive.

While the Fordham Flop sounds nice. I suggest the play should be called the Kownacki Flop. I think this gives the proper credit to the inventor of this play. What a play!!