Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Trig Palin! Oh, And More Mean Spirited Trig-Truther Rot From Sully

Congratulations Trig! You're a year old today and going strong. By now, you're just starting to get a sense of this wonderful world and everything that's in it, and there's so much more to come.

While I'm sure Mom and Dad and your brothers and sisters had a few wonderful presents for you, you and I both know that you've already gotten a far more wonderful gift from the Father of us, and a family that truly loves you.

Unfortunately, you got another gift today, a nasty one. And I feel like I need to explain it to you so that it doesn't cast even the slightest shadow on your special day.

There's a man - and I use the term loosely - named Andrew Sullivan who thought that the occasion of your birth would be a great time to try to hurt your mother by writing a particularly disgusting column in a magazine about your birth.

You'll get a chuckle out of this, but this guy has been obsessed to the point of madness for years with trying to prove that your mother isn't your mother! Have you ever heard of anything so silly?

You see Trig, this man hates himself, and that hatred comes oozing out in a lot of ways. He hates the idea of happy families and he especially hates women like your mother, especially when they're strong and successful. And he hates people who understand how important babies are, especially special ones like you. For some reason, he hates Jewish people too, and writes about them also in his poopy little columns.

He is, in a word, creepy.

There are a lot of grown ups who laugh at this pathetic, infantile man and his hateful obsessions, and that makes him mad, because he thinks what he writes is actually important. The funny thing is that the more people ridicule him, the more he likes it in a strange, twisted way because it mirrors the way he feels about himself deep inside. Some people are like that, and as you'll find as you go through life, they're best avoided because they try to suck the happiness right out of you so that you'll be as miserable as they are.

So don't take this sad, deformed man seriously in any way or let it spoil your birthday. Don't consider it for a second.Your mother laughs at this sort of thing, and we both know how wise she is.

Many more.

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