Tuesday, April 13, 2010

China To Obama: No On Iran Sanctions


Apparently Obama's bowing to Hu Jin Tao didn't have the effect he'd hoped:

Obama met Monday with Chinese President Hu Jintao seeking to persuade him to join the growing drive to impose a fourth set of sanctions on Iran for its refusal to rein in its suspect enrichment program.

China, a veto-wielding member of the Security Council, reaffirmed its longheld position and said Tuesday sanctions were not the answer to the Iranian atomic standoff.

"China always believes that dialogue and negotiation are the best way out for the issue. Pressure and sanctions cannot fundamentally solve it," foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters.

But a top White House official said Obama and Hu had agreed their delegations would work together at the United Nations.

"They are prepared to work with us," said Jeff Bader, Obama's top official responsible for East Asia on the National Security Council.

Why would China work with the US on Iran? Where's the upside for them?

On the other hand, there's considerable upside for China to continue trading with Iran and in seeing the US pre-occupied tied up by the mullahs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Chinese are certainly right about one thing, however - sanctions are absolutely useless, and there's absolutely no reason for them to be involved in a sham effort that's doomed to failure anyway.

No, dealing with Iran's nukes is going to take more than that.

Aside from the banquets and the bowing, the only other thing that's surfaced at this hyped non-event is Egypt and Turkey railing on about Israel's nukes and equating them with Iran's.

In other words, a major fail on all counts.

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