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Stealth Jihad - GOP Senate Wanna-Be Tom Campbell's Questionable Connections

Former GOP Congressman Tom Campbell is currently running for the Republican nomination to face off against Barbara Boxer.

At first glance, he seems to be the sort of liberal Republican one would expect to run well in California, an opponent of Prop. 8 on gay marriage, in favor of the status quo on abortion, a self-described fiscal conservative.

Unfortunately, there appears to be more to Tom Campbell than that.And it's a cautionary tale on how entrenched radical Islam is in our political establishment.

Back in November 2001, Swiss counterterrorism authorities raided the home of Youssef Nada, someone they suspected of abetting and financing terrorism. They found evidence that Nada was in fact a a leader of the Ikhwan, The Muslim Brotherhood, a salafist group with deep tentacles all over the Muslims world, the parent group of Hamas, CAIR and the primary inspiration of groups like al-Qaeda and Hizb-al-Tahir . They also found a Brotherhood document called “The Project” created originally in 1982 which presented a detailed plan for world domination by Islam and sharia law via a new caliphate. And part of that plan included the political use of democratic institutions to subvert the West, something the Muslim Brotherhood has continued to pursue for some time now. That includes getting next to whatever politicians they can and using them to acheive the Brotherhood's goals.

One of the chief Brotherhood operatives in America was Sami al-Arian, a convicted terrorist who was Palestinian Islamic Jihad's own man in America and formed a whole nest of budding jihadis at the University of South Florida. His name should ring a bell to regular members of Joshua's Army.

Al-Arian was particularly good at getting close to various politicians and then using his political connections to facilitate his mission here in America. Here he is with the Bushes, circa 2000:

Back in 1997, al-Arian's brother-in-law and fellow jihadi Mazen al-Najjar, was arrested and eventually deported on terrorism charges based on classified evidence linking him to Islamic Jihad, as well as the fact that he entered into a sham marriage in order to fraudulently gain US residency.

Naijar was held to be such a serious security risk that he was held for four years without bail while he appealed his deportation. While this was going on, Al-Arian began working his political contacts in an unsuccessful attempt to try to kick his brother-in-law loose on the basis that his 'civil rights' were being violated and Naijar became something of a cause celebre among the jihad-friendly set here in America and their allies and fellow travelers.

One of Arian's well-connected political contacts was Suhail Khan, the Director of Policy and Press Secretary for then Congressman Tom Campbell who later went on to serve in the Bush Administration in the White House Office of Public Liaison, and was later promoted to Assistant to the Secretary for Policy under U.S. Secretary Mary Peters at the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Khan was able to get Campbell to introduce legislation to ban the use of secret evidence in immigration court, which would have meant freeing al-Najjar. Campbell also wrote a letter defending al-Najjar and visited him while he was in jail back in May 2000.

Khan is considered a well-known conservative activist today and is a Senior Fellow for Muslim-Christian Understanding at a think tank called the Institute for Global Engagement as well as a board member of the American Conservative Union. But he has some interesting connections.

Khan’s father served as the vice president of the Muslim Students Association and was also part of the leadership of the Saudi Funded Islamic Society of North America, (ISNA) two groups with known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The MSA is a major force in radicalizing Muslim students on campus while ISNA is the vehicle used to fund, create, staff and control the hard line Islamist wahabi mosques and madrassahs here in America.

Khan himself is a member of the board of directors of the Islamic Free Market Institute, a group founded by prominent conservative activist and Muslim revert Grover Norquist with the help of thousands of dollars from Hamas and Hezbollah supporter Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who was later revealed as a top Brotherhood leader in the U.S. involved in massive terrorism fundraising operations and is now imprisoned for his part in trying to assassinate Saudi head of State Prince Abdullah. Money also came from the International Institute of Islamic Thought,(IIIT) a Brotherhood front whose name should ring a few bells and has an important connection to Obama's new Brotherhood friendly ambassador to the anti-Semitic and Islamist Organization of Islamic Conference(OIC),Rashad Hussain.

Another connection to Alamoudi was that his top aide, Khalid Saffuri, was the executive director of Norquist’s group, the aforementioned Islamic Free Market Institute.

As for Campbell, the October 1996 newsletter from another jihadist Brotherhood front headed by Abdurahman Alamoudi, the American Muslim Council(AMC) included an interview with Campbell where he raged at what he called the “gross stereotyping and dehumanization of Muslims and Arabs” in movies like Executive Decision and Father of the Bride II and told the interviewer that he had personally written letters to Kurt Russel, Steve Martin, and Eugene Levy demanding they end such portraits of Muslims and Arabs in the future.

In the same interview, Campbell also revealed his role in attempting to get “inflammatory language” removed from a non-binding House resolution. The “inflammatory” language in question? “In several Islamic countries conversion to Christianity from Islam is a crime punishable by death” and “Sudan is waging a jihad (religious war) against the Christian southern part of the country.”

Campbell's Press Secretary Khan reportedly spoke at a CAIR conference in August 1997 where he highlighted Campbell’s efforts, saying that the resolution was 'offensive to Muslims'. I'm curious what adjective Kahn would have used to describe what the infidels on the receiving end of the Religion of Peace's attentions experienced.

According to the pro-Arab Washington Report on Middle East Affairs’ issue from July/August 1999, both Khan and Campbell spoke at the Brotherhood front The American Muslim Council’s annual convention. Khan concentrated on Campbell's legislative attempts to ban on the use of secret evidence in immigration court while Campbell, speaking alongside Rep. Janice Schakowsky condemned Israel’s “ethnic cleansing,” said “We [Congress] have to recognize that there are people in Palestine who have the right to their own land.”

I'm sure the audience was most receptive. And that kind of language paid off for Campbell when he unsuccessfully ran for the Senate in 2000.

Sami al-Arian and figures from other Brotherhood affiliates like CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council(MPAC), and the Islamic Society of North America(ISNA) donated heavily to Campbell's campaign as did Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who spoke of Campbell as "a trusted friend."

Another prominent donor was Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of unindicted co-conspirators and Brotherhood front CAIR.

The only part of this long history that has surfaced much so far involves Campbell's writing a letter to the president of the University of South Florida defending Sami Al-Arian, who was a professor there at the time and was in the process of being disciplined fo rhis jihad activities. In fairness, Campbell now says that he was unaware of al-Arian’s terrorist ties and that he had not been aware that Al-Arian had said, in a speech discussed in an O'Reilly interview before Campbell wrote his letter: "Jihad is our path. Victory to Islam. Death to Israel.":

I did not hear, I did not read, I was not aware of statements Sami Al-Arian had made relative to Israel. And I would not have written the letter had I known about those. ... To say 'Death to Israel' is abhorrent, it's horrible.

Campbell's actual record on Israel is fairly typical for conservative Republicans, meaning that his public statements are definitely supportive.

But something smells here.

There are two possibilities; either Campbell hung around jihadis for literally years and simply chose not to hear or see what he didn't want to because he wanted their support, or he has amazingly bad judgment in whom he allows into his inner circle. It's one or the other, and both alternatives are troublesome, to say the least.

In "The Project", extremely sophisticated and devious methods are detailed on how to win over politicians and influence them to support the Brotherhood's Islamist goals.

Whether Tom Campbell was a True Believer or he simply got played, it's a classic lesson in how stealth jihad works.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

Nice work.

Mr. Norquist's evolution into Muslim partisan is stunning and the Mr. Campbell's thinking is just sappy.

Did Norquist actually "revert"? I think I read that he has a Muslim wife.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Colonel,

Since Muslims believe that all of us are born Muslim the term 'revert' is used rather than convert to define someone who was raised in infidel but has now ( by whatever means necessary) seen the flashing green light, said the shehada and embraced Islam.

Norquist is married to a 'Palestinian' who is a devout Muslim. That marriage would be halal (forbidden) to an infidel and would not have happened if he wasn't willing to embrace Islam.

Of course for Muslim males, there is no such requirement when dealing with infidel females.