Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lesson In How Obama Treats Foreign Leaders..In Pictures

A picture really IS worth a thousand words...observe..

U.S. President Obama greets Canadas Prime Minister Stephen Harper  at ...

Here is Barack Obama at his nuclear summit wagging a finger in the face of Stephen Harper, leader of our great ally Canada.

U.S. President  Barack Obama greets Brazils President Lula at the  Nuclear ...

Here he is showing the love to 'progressive' Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula..who told Obama 'no way, no how' on any Brazilian cooperation with sanctions on Iran just the other day.

U.S. President Obama stands next to Kupiecki, Polands ambassador  to ...

Here he is with our ally Poland's ambassador,Robert Kupiecki. Feel the love!


And here he is bowing to Chinese leader Hu Jin Tao...who also just told Obama to get bent on Iran sanctions.

No pictures of Obama greeting the Israeli Minister who attended the summit that I can find...he probably had to come in the back way, got no photos taken and had to sit with the kitchen staff.

Moral of this little photo essay? If you want respect from President Obama, treat him like a punk and refuse to cooperate with the US on anything important.


UPDATE: Per the indefatigable Soccer Dad - here 's the photo of Obama and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy of Israel Dan Meridor I couldn't find:

Notice how Obama isn't looking at him like the other foreign leaders? And Meridor doesn't exactly look too pleased to be there himself. Maybe it's because Obama really did make him use the service entrance..but at least he got a photo-op, which was more than Bibi Netanyahu did.

Any of you who have captions for this gem are welcome to submit them in the comments section..


Unknown said...

Like you said "a picture is worth a thousand words" but I can only think of one word "IMPEACH".

Unknown said...

I examined your photos carefully in this post and...
Upon further review...I'm reversing the call on your blog....

Stephan Harper….. you going soft? Canada is just this side of France on hating USA. I wish Obama was wagging his finger..'YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GIVE BACK THE CASH FOR CLUNKER MONEY... THAT WAS FOR AMERICAN JOBS..... STOP biting the hand that feeds you.... Step up and carry your weight.... stop selling scripts for less than our pharmacies!!!'

President Luiz Inacio Lula HE could be worried about faulty CIA NSA intelligence

Poland's Ambassador Robert Kupiecki… looks like Obama is praying for him Charismatic Christian like???? Do Islamic folks pray like that?

Chinese leader Hu Jin Tao…. I’d bow too if China would forgive our debt like we do for third world countries or at least if China would stop the currency manipulation

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy of Israel Dan Meridor….. That is the biggest, phoniest smile I ever saw or Obama has gas. Wa wa wa…. Please! This sounds like a Jr High Dance pouting with all the girls on the bleachers… ‘oh he looked at me…. Yeah but he looked at me more….’

esther said...

I like your piece about Obama's body language at the nuclear security conference, but I don't think that's Dan Meridor.

TrogloPundit said...

Dude, you've got the photoshopped version of the Obama-Hu picture. The original is right here:


Yes, this is a shameless plug, but you'll be glad you looked.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Mike,
How are you?

Not to be nasty but you're a little behind the times when in comes to Canada.Since Harper and the Conservatives took over,Canada has done a 180. Among other things, they've been doing the heavy lifting in AfPak with a substantial amount of combat troops in the hot spots while a lot of our other NATO allies have been wussing out and sending support troops only...if they've sent anything at all.

Don't diss them, please.

You're also unaware that Obama has been crapping on them,just like he's been crapping on all our other allies.

As for Hu Jim Tao, ummm..PRESIDENTS DON'T BOW to foreign leaders. And to do it to an Asian while shaling hands at the same time is a major cultural faux pas. It's always either one or the other.

You're certainly entitled to your interp of the other photos, just as I am..

Have a good one!

Hi Esther, Thanks for dropping by.

I'm not familiar with how Dan Meridor looks, but that's how al-Reuters captioned the photo. And SD is usually pretty meticulous in these matters..


Freedom Fighter said...

Very funny GrandPa!

Shameless plug cheerfully accepted in this case.