Friday, April 30, 2010

Hate Filled Bigot Mouths Off About Arizona Immigration Law

The unmitigated gall of some jerk off foreigner..and especially someone like Desmond Tutu, of all people to talk about someone else's racism.

How ironic for such a is a well known Israel basher, anti-Semite and terrorism supporter to claim moral legitimacy!

You see, like most of the rest of the ANC, the good Bishop was noted for his friendliness with Palestinians and Yasir Arafat (the Palestinians supplied the ANC with weaponry and terrorist training) and his frequent comparison of Israel with apartheid South Africa.

During the first UN Human Rights Commission meeting in Durban in 2001 (known as Durban I) Tutu led the charge on what became an anti-Semitic orgy inside and out that stank so badly that even the Americans and European delegations left.

Here's a few choice Tutuisms uttered at a conference in Boston back in 2002:

"Israel is like Hitler and apartheid."

"The Jewish lobby is very powerful..People are scared in this country [the U.S.], to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful—very powerful."

There's lots more where that came from.

While Bishop Tutu was the head of the Investigative Commission for the notorious UN Human Rights Commission, it never found time to investigate a single other state for `human rights violations' but Israel.Not even a word on Darfur, for instance.

Too bad for PuffHo that Yasir Arafat isn't still around. I guarantee you that they'd be printing the ranting old coward's op-eds too.

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louielouie said...

one of the things/reasons i like coming to J/P, is that i truly enjoy how ff gets hold of a subject, and does his grammatical imitation of a rottweiler that's not been fed in three months.
the manner in which he lays out his information.
the attention to detail.
and i don't need to remind him of the number of times he has taken myself to task on objectivity. the manner in which he presents his essay would do his father proud.
ok, that's three or four reasons but work with me here.
and yes, there are rare occasions that i do disagree with ff. however, given my grammatical skills, am unable to counter the argument in any type of respectable manner.
this is not a patronizing comment, or even a compliment, just statement of fact.

The unmitigated gall of some jerk off foreigner..

......sometimes i just think an okie gene got in there with all them joo genes......

Freedom Fighter said...

Definitely some of what Steinbeck called Langhorne genes,Louie.

I've always thought of myself as more of a 'here, hold my Uzi while I take a leak' kind of Jew as opposed to the 'hi, can I help you with your taxes' kind...


B.Poster said...

How the United States conducts its interal affairs is none of the Bishop's business. I would think his country has enough issues that need to be addressed that he would not have time or the desire to worry about a country on the other side of the world from his does. Apparently not.

If a United States official were to mouth about how South Africa or some other nation conducts its internal affairs, the media would howl with rage against this American official. Yet when a foreigner mouths off about American internal affairs not only is he not criticized he is regarded as being heroic. The doubl standard is appalling.

I myself have often complained bitterly about "meddling" on the part of the American government. I think we don't always see the entire context. Given the inclination that others seem to have to meddle in our affairs, it should come as no surprise that we might want to meddle in theirs in return.

Anonymous said...

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