Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Syria Gives Long Range Missiles To Hezbollah

Yes, that 'engagemen't by Hillary and Obama is working out just fine, isn't it?

Syria has transferred long-range Scud missiles to the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, Israeli and U.S. officials alleged, in a move that threatens to alter the Middle East's military balance and sets back a major diplomatic outreach effort to Damascus by the Obama administration.

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Tuesday publicly charged President Bashar Assad's government with transferring Scud missiles to Hezbollah's forces inside Lebanon. Syria and Hezbollah both denied the charges. But the allegations already are affecting U.S. foreign policy: Republicans pressed on Capitol Hill to block the appointment of a new American ambassador to Damascus, according to congressional officials. The White House said it was pressing ahead.

The Scuds are believed to have a range of more than 435 miles—placing Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Israel's nuclear installations all within range of Hezbollah's military forces. During a monthlong war with Israel in 2006, Hezbollah used rockets with ranges of 20 to 60 miles.

Israeli officials called Scud missiles "game-changing" armaments that mark a new escalation in the Mideast conflict. They alleged that Mr. Assad is increasingly linking Syria's military command with those of Hezbollah and Iran.

Officials briefed on the intelligence said Israeli and American officials believe Syria transferred Scud missiles built with either North Korean or Russian technology.

A couple of things this article doesn't mention. First, this is indeed a game changer, because along with increased range the new missiles can carry increased payloads.

Now,the last time I checked, Syria was still a UN member,and according to Resolution 1701 no one was supposed to be arming Hezbollah. But don't look for any sanctions or penalties on the Assad regime from that body,or even a pro-forma condemnation.

Oddly enough, the same thing applies to the US. Even though Hezbollah is now an official part of the Lebanese military and Iran has essentially taken over Lebanon, we're still supplying Lebanon with military aid that will eventually be used by Hezbollah against Israel.

What all this ensures, of course is that the next confrontation between Israel and Lebanon/Hezbolah is going to be a lot bloodier and no-holds-barred on both sides.

Of course, Assad is in bed with Iran where the orders to ship the longer range missiles actually came from.

Iran sees Israel as the only real threat to their nuclear ambitions, so they are sending Israel a message. It's as simple as that

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louielouie said...

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i find it odd that the nyt would print a quote such as this. they obviously, being on their collective/progressive knees both in front of, and behind, the current occupant of the white house, who, in one of his first ever public mis-speaks, remarked that he could not believe the current cost of said herb.
i just bet they don't get the dead taste that i get, everytime i hear that dumm mass's voice.