Friday, April 16, 2010

White House Stopped Israel From Intercepting Long Range Missiles Sent To Hezbollah

Apparently the Israelis had intel about the long range scuds provided via Syria to Hezbollah and were ready to destroy the convoy...until the US talked them out of it.

I'm not which is worse, that the Obama White House did this or that the Israelis complied:

I can’t promise you that planes were actually in the air, but it was close, very close,” said the official. “The White House had to talk them down from the attack and promised that Kerry would use strong language” with the Syrian president, Bashar Assad.

When asked about the outcome of the meeting between Mr Kerry and Mr Assad on the issue, the source tartly responded: “In light of where we are now, what do you think?”

Besides increasing the possibility of violence along one of the world’s most tense borders, the claim of new weapons transfers had also had a debilitating effect on supporters of Syrian engagement in Washington and might be responsible for a “hold” put on the February nomination of Robert Ford as the US ambassador to Syria.

Does anyone have any doubts that Iran and Syria would have any problem giving Hezbollah nuclear warheads?

Considering how hostile this White House is to Israel, here's hoping that any future 'talk downs' are a thing of the past.

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