Thursday, April 22, 2010

Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty In Alleged 'Beating' Of Iraqi Terrorist

Good'll remember the three Navy SEALS who captured a dangerous terrorist murderer in Iraq and instead of a commendation were facing a court martial because the jihadi complained to Iraqi authorities that they allegedly hit him in the mouth.

The Navy, desperate to comply with the Obama Administration's PC notions actually shipped two of them to Camp Victory in Iraq for trial, and one of the SEALS has already been acquitted:

The trial of three SEALs, the Navy's elite special forces unit, in the abuse case has outraged many Americans who see it as coddling terrorists.

A six-man jury found Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas, 29, of Blue Island, Illinois, not guilty of charges of dereliction of duty and attempting to influence the testimony of another service member. The jury spent two hours deliberating the verdict.

"It's a big weight off my shoulders," a smiling and composed Huertas said as he left the courthouse at the U.S. military's Camp Victory on Baghdad's western outskirts.

Huertas said he plans now to continue with his military career and "to go home and kiss my wife."

Huertas was the first of three SEALS to face a court-martial for charges related to the abuse incident and the verdict was a major blow to the government's case.

The jihadi dirtbag our heroes captured and supposedly slapped around was Ahmed Hashim Abed, the ringleader who oversaw the murder and mutilation of four American contractors in Fallujah by Moqtada al-Sadr's Iraqi Shi'ite sympathizers and militiamen. After the SEALS successfully completed their mission to bring him to justice this lawyered up jihadi accused the SEALS of what amounts to police brutality after he was turned over to the Iraqi authorities, claiming he was hit in the mouth.

As I predicted this is turning into In other words, this is the bogus Haditha Marines case all over again.

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B.Poster said...

The Arab terrorist enemies we face of which this Jihadist who was captured by our brave warriors is just one of many poses a far greater threat to America than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan ever did or likely ever could have. Since I understand this, it is hard for me to get worked up with sympathy for this man because he got hit in the mouth even if our soldiers really did hit him in the mouth.

We fire bombed Dresden and nuked Japan, twice, in order to end those threats to our nation. The threat from Islamic terrorists and the nations who support them is far greater than that threat ever was or likely ever could have been. What lengths are we willing to go to to defeat this enemy?

I'm not necessarily suggesting we nuke any country. While the enemy today is far stronger and a far greater threat than Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany ever were or likely ever could have been to America, the enemy is different and, as such, different strategies may be needed.

In any event, if hitting one of these people in the mouth is to harsh, we might as well just surrender now and save ourselves the trouble. If we decide we just can't stomach the fight, we should remember something. Today's enemies may not be as merciful to a defeated foe as we were to Germany or Japan. In other words, don't expect a "Marshall Plan" or something to this effect from Russia, Saudi Arabia or Iran.

In any event, I'm glad this man has been acquitted. I pray his comrades are as well. This American appreciates their service.

brad said...

very nice tankx!

NightStalker said...

This is just great; throw another American hero to the wolves. Even though they are going to acquit these men, they have marked them for harassment and put their lives and the lives of their family in danger! Why for the love of G-d, are they posting this mans name and hometown? Now, not only is he in danger, but his family and relatives.