Friday, April 16, 2010

What Will Makes Florida's Charlie Crist Run..As An Independent

Simple. That ol' debbil self interest.

Crist is currently Florida's RINO governor, and he was supposed to be a shoo-in for the open Senate seat until conservative Marco Rubio came to town. Originally a huge underdog, Rubio is currently 23 points ahead in the polls and advisers and campaign staff are melting away from Crist like an ice cube at South Beach on a hot day. So the odds on Crist getting the GOP nomination at this point are problematic, to say the least.

However, crist gave us a clear message on his plans to salvage the situation yesterday, when he vetoed a popular bill ending tenure for elementary school teachers and gearing pay raises to test scores and other performance indicators.

That ticked off his campaign manager, ex-Senator Connie Mack so badly that he resigned from Crist's campaign.But the teacher's unions and the Left are ecstatic over their new hero.

The way the polls look, Crist gets clobbered if he runs against Rubio in the GOP primary.But if he runs as an independent in a three man race, he has a decent chance of squeaking through as a minority senator.

The usually unflappable Hugh Hewitt was agonizing over this yesterday.."but he's been a loyal Republican for years!"

Sorry Hugh. party loyalty is fine and dandy, but people like Crist are essentially loyal to themselves. And honestly, what has he got to lose?

Expect an announcement shortly.

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louielouie said...

i was pretty much turned off by MSM. after taking a cue from ff i turned off the tube completely. except when i visit down in SE oklahoma on the weekends.
that said.
a couple of weekends ago i flipped through fox news and saw these two going at it. crist was like a rabid dog. wouldn't let rubio answer any questions, even to the point of answering for him.
i think rino is being very generous. the guy is a leftard.