Friday, April 16, 2010

The Latest On The Israel Divestment Vote At Berkeley

As you'll recall, after passing an anti-Israel divestment motion the 'anti-Zionists' in the UC Berkeley ASUC Senate were attempting to get 14 votes to overide the ASUC president's veto.

Simply put, the veto stands because one 'senator' abstained. The 'anti-Zionists' (which of course includes a great many suicidal Jews like A Jewish Voice for peace) tabled the measure so that they can continue to agitate and revote at a later time.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it they are trying to re-write the bill as an "anti-occupation" bill. They can't do a generic human rights bill without naming , oh, 75 separate countries, so they are planning on linking it to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Freedom Fighter said...

Y'know what the real laugher is, Anonymous?

Mahmoud Abbas and the 'Palestinian Authority' would last about ten minutes before Hamas took over if it wasn't for the IDF essentially taking care of security.

And I still wonder how you can have an 'occupation' of territory that was never a part of any country except Jordan - who actually did have an occupation of unawarded territory they invaded that even the UN didn't recognize for 19 years!


yzernik said...

This actually suits the SJP and CalServe quite well. They can keep the issue on the agenda, and this way they don't have to deal with any of the actual issues facing students.

Anonymous said...

the uc system has become a joke

let them override the veto...many of us taxpayers will move to change the state constitution to remove all public funding from uc campuses

these kids have way too much time on their evidenced by their being able to spend 9 hours debating this issue.

its time they all go to work to pay for tuition