Thursday, April 08, 2010

Netanyahu Pulls Out Of Obama's Nuclear Summit

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, who was scheduled to attend Obama's nuclear summit in DC has pulled out:

The PM made the decision Thursday after finding out that several Muslim states intend to bring up Israel’s failure to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Earlier, the PM’s Office issued an official statement announcing the trip.

“In the last 24 hours we received reports about the intention of various states that will be present at the Washington conference to go beyond the issue of preventing nuclear terror,” a senior source in Jerusalem said. “These states intend to exploit the occasion in order to slam Israel. The prime minister expressed his displeasure over these intentions, and he will therefore not be traveling to the summit.”

Allah over at Hot Air speculates:

Israel’s atomic energy minister will go in his place. Here’s the full list of countries attending the summit, but it’s no mystery who they’re worried about. It’s Egypt and Turkey, the latter of which has been lobbying against sanctions on Iran and which called Israel the “principal threat to peace” in the Middle East just yesterday. Surely, though, Netanyahu realized all along that those two would try to make Israeli nukes an issue, in which case why agree to attend in the first place?

Perhaps the Obama Administration's denial of visas to the US for Israeli nuclear technicians to study here had something to do with it.

Or it might very well be that someone tipped Bibi off that Obama was not at all amiss to Israel being ambushed in this fashion and singled out as the 'rogue state'.

India and Pakistan, neither of whom have signed the NPT will be in attendance as well and I doubt there were any plans to pressure or embarass them.

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Shtuey said...

What would really be something is if he pulled the delegation entirely. Yeah, like that would happen.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Shtuey,
Nice to see you back again!

No, in this case I think Bibi wants at least someone there to make sure things don't get too crazy. They can always walk out later.


Shtuey said...

Good to be back. I actually come by quite a bit. Keep up the good work!

I suppose you're right. If the intestinal constitution of the Israeli delegates are anything like mine they could eat a bunch of raw broccoli and garlic and clear the room.

louielouie said...

i have a wonderful baked beans recipe.

Freedom Fighter said...

I think you and Shtuey's plans would constitute chemical warfare..

Anonymous said...

The truth is, its not hard to outwit the dimwits in the Obama administration. Bibi just needs the will and I think he may have found it. At least we hope.