Friday, April 15, 2011

Arizona Passes Law To Require Proof Of Citizenship To Appear On Presidential Ballot

@!!#!!...oh well, I wasn't going to carry Arizona anyway...

The Arizona State Legislature has passed a law requiring presidential candidates to provide proof of citizenship in order to get on the state's ballot.

"It's essential that we bring back the integrity to the office," Rep. Judy Burges, R-Skull Valley, said.

The bill requires all presidential and vice presidential candidates to provide the Arizona secretary of state with documentation that proves they are natural-born citizens, as th eUS Constitution requires..

The documents listed are either a long-form birth certificate or two or more other permitted documents, including an early baptismal certificate, circumcision certificate, hospital birth record, postpartum medical record signed by the person who delivered the child or an early census record.

Without those required documents being submitted to the secretary of state, the candidate would not be listed on Arizona's ballot.

There are a number of other states with similar legislation in process.

It will be interesting to see if the Obama Department of Justice sues the State of Arizona over this one.

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louielouie said...

It will be interesting to see if the Obama Department of Justice sues the State of Arizona over this one.

they sued AZ for upholding federal immigration law, why would they not sue over this? if for no other reason other than to demonize AZ.
saul alinsky 101.
hussein is assuredly confident on re-election.
look at this map.
this gives a good view of what john edwards calls the two americas.
this is for an election that supposedly reputdiated the hussein agenda.
hussein is a metropolitan president. with very few exceptions, the major metropolitan areas of this map are blue. this is where electoral votes are made. not out in the areas where self reliant people live.
electoral votes are what this is about, and hussein has them. in all the states that matter.
CA, NY, IL and he's halfway there.
i am just wondering though.
does AZ have any type of program where you can become an honorary citizen? because this action by AZ makes me want to vacation there two times a year as opposed to the current annum.

Sabra said...

But, wait. We've all seen bho's short form. Apparently it is acceptable to everyone but a few of us... Donald Trump included. [Donald Trump needs to be looked at very, very carefully. Something is just not right about him trying to now be a republican after doing so many business deals with dems and giving them so many campaign contributions. There is a lawsuit out there that ties George Soros to Trump. Don't think I'd trust him as far as I could throw him. Just sayin'.]

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Sabra,
Nice to see you back again.
How are you and your husband adjusting to the change?

I agree with you about Trump, but he's getting a certain amount of attention because he isn't part of the RINO establishment and because he's saying something here ( admittedly without much in the way of specifics)that resonated with a lot of Americans.

If and when Sarah Palin and/or Michelle Bachman get into the race, that interest will fade.

What we've seen from Obama is a certificate of live birth. It is not a birth certificate with affidavits and signatures from a physician (look on your own birth cert and you'll see what I mean).

A cert of live birth is just a step above an announcement in a newspaper.In a mostly rural state like Hawaii, such things are common.

There's also the issue of Obama's social security number. The one Obama is using, 042-68-4425, was issued in 1976 in the State of Connecticut to one Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890 and died in Hawaii around 1981. Ludwig is presumed dead but his death was either never reported to the SS administration or reported and deleted from the database by someone..and he died intestate, with no known heirs or family.

Even Leftist loon Neil Abercrombie, the current governor of Hawaii, swore to find Obama's birth certificate 'to shut the birthers up' and finally admitted he can't find it. And as we know, Obama has spent incredible amounts of money and lawyer fees to seal not just his birth records, but his school and college transcripts.

One has to wonder why.

It could be that the certificate merely has an affidavit from Obama's mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, that he was born at home with no other evidence. It could be that someone else is listed as the father - I've remarked before on the resemblance between Obama and pornographer, admitted pedophile and communist Frank Marshall Davis, the man who Obama's Leftie parents allowed to spend considerable time with as a 'mentor'.

Or it could be that when Obama was legally adopted by Dunham's second Indonesian Muslim husband, Lolo Soetoro, a new birth certificate was created under the name Barry Soetoro, in accordance with Hawaii law.

If so, Barak Obama has been governing under what amounts to his stage name, and all laws, documents and executive orders he's issued, even his oath of office would be both illegal and null and void.

In any event, it's obvious that Obama has devoted a lot of time and resources to deliberately hide something from the American people for a reason, and we'll find out eventually what it was. In the meantime, there are better issues to focus on.

However, if the current law mutates and gets passed by other states, it will be interesting to see if Obama develops 'health problems' and doesn't run in 2012.

I put the odds on Obama not running for re-election for whatever reason at about 40%.



Anonymous said...

The big secret on Obama’s hidden birth certificate is that his parents registered him as a Kenyan citizen, and that status was never changed. Though born in Hawaii, he remains by birth a citizen of Kenya!

This is the only reason Obama had to have his real birth certificate placed under wraps. This conclusion is made plausible by several key factors concerning Obama's mother, Ann Dunham.

According to, when Dunham arrived in Hawaii, she was already a full fledged radical leftist and practitioner of “critical theory”. She freely engaged in inter-racial relationships as part of her attack on Western society (this was the 1960s, remember.) What better way to poke her finger in the eye of US society than to have her son registered as a Kenyan citizen!

According to Susan Blake, one of Dunham’s friends, she never dated “the crew-cut white boys.” Instead, she embraced “the different,” and sought out liaisons with the international student crowd, among whom just happened to be Barak Obama Sr, himself a Marxist socialist.

Obama Jr was born in Hawaii, but NOT registered as a US citizen.

Obama’s other hidden skeleton is the matter of his college tuition. Who financed him? Was he granted scholarships as a foreign student? What were his grades?