Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Head Of The DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The Girl From J Street

Since current head of the Democratic National Committee Tim Kaine decided to run for Jim Webb's Virginia Senate seat in 2012, President Barack Obama as head of the party needed to pick someone to take his place.

And boy, did he find someone.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) has the typical Left wing positions you would expect from a future head of the, rabidly anti-gun rights, and a firm supporter of ObamaCare and the other parts of the president's agenda.

And one place she particularly seems to support Obama is in his hostile attitude towards Israel.

Wasserman Schultz has deep and long standing ties to George Soros' on the fringe anti-Israel lobby, J Street.

Back in early 2009, Wasserman Schultz hosted an event on Capitol Hill for J Street, who were then receiving harsh criticism even from many Democrats for issuing a statement accusing Israel of 'collective punishment' in Gaza and equating Israel's self -defense with Hamas terrorist attacks.

Even the very liberal Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism and an early J Street supporter broke with J-Street after that, calling them 'profoundly out of touch.'

"Hamas, it should be noted, is not a government; it is a terrorist gang. And as long as the thugs of Hamas can act with impunity, no Israeli government of the right or the left will agree to a two-state solution or any other kind of peace," Rabbi Yoffie wrote.

That apparently didn't faze Wasserman Schultz in the least. She's continued to show her support for J Street, calling the controversial group an "organization that supports Israel and supports peace and is working to foster an advanced peace process." She later served as the featured speaker for J Street's first annual gala event in Washington, DC, an event most of her fellow Democrats refused to attend.

Wasserman Schultz at least has always been consistent about her views on Israel. Back in 2005, she told the Left leaning Forward that President George W. Bush's first term , during which he was markedly pro-Israel showed "... a lack of leadership coming from the administration. I know many people in the Jewish community were happy with the president’s position on Israel, but the way I thought, there was an absence of leadership".

She said she very much preferred Bush's second term, when Condi Rice essentially took over foreign policy and orchestrated the disastrous Lebanon War ceasefire, the crumbling of Lebanon's anti-Syrian March 14th Movement, the almost complete US disregard of Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, administration support for the Saudi Peace ultimatum and the Annapolis conference that could have been aptly described as a gang rape of Israel.

Wasserman Schultz apparently also apparently is something of an anti-Christian bigot as well, saying that Republican and Conservative support for Israel is "not because they are so supportive of there being a Jewish state and making sure that Jews have a place that we can call home. It has references to Armageddon and biblical references that are more their interest."

Aside from being totally ignorant of both Christian and Jewish scripture, it's fascinating that someone who supports a group like J Street and endorses President Obama's policy of apartheid and segregation against Jews and where they may build homes for themselves would accuse others of not wanting to 'make sure Jews have a place we can call home'!

It occurs to me that if President Obama is planning yet another diplomatic assault against Israel, Wasserman Schultz is probably a worthy choice for the DNC in order to keep Jews who lean well to the Left safely in the fold and pulling the lever for Obama in 2012.

In fact, that might be precisely why she got the job.

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Independent Patriot said...

Interesting, my thoughts exactly. The powers that be must be very afraid of losing the lefty Jews after last Novembers disastrous election, sot hey have to show how they are not out to get Jews killed by having a Jew-even a nominal one- run the DNC. Unfortunately most Jews in this country will fall for it without looking at anything she has to say or has done.

But lets not forget that JStreet was the creation of the Jewish Democratic Council, or whatever they call themselves, to give credence to Obama's antiIsrael program in the first place. I don't like being played. Unfortunately most Jews in this country don't have common sense enough to look behind the scenes or they would never have voted for Obama in the first place.

Freedom Fighter said...

They're called The National Jewish Democratic Council, and Wasserman Schultz helped form them.

Actually, the real 'founder' of J Street was George Soros, for the reason you mention...the NJDC and Ira Foreman came along a bit later.