Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama's Response As The Shutdown Looms...Roadtrip!

What was that he said yesterday about 'acting like grownups?'

Ah, but that's for the Little People. Our president has more important things to deal hitting Philly to press the flesh with some of his fans and then move on to New York to hang with Al Sharpton and plot strategy for the upcoming 2012 campaign.

'Yeah, Reverend Al...and get this, then I told those Jews I was pro-Israel!'

The president is not expected to be back in DC by Friday, which is when the government's funding runs out.

UPDATE: Apparently a lot of people found the president's Roadtrip to be bit too much. One of my sources tells me he's changed his plans and will meet with Boehner and Reid tomorrow night in the White House.

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louielouie said...

sometimes i wonder about ff focus.
i wonder if he really gets it.
sometimes i just don't think ff is concerned about what is truly important.
it's almost as though he just doesn't care.
if i may digress for a moment, look back at ff last few columns/essays. the goldstone essay, hamas bellicousing once again about starting a war, and then there is a possible gov't shutdown.
but ff just doesn't get it.
if ff were going to write about something truly important, he would be writing about how tiger performs at the masters this weekend. and i didn't use that word performs by happenstance either. what the country truly wants to hear about is augusta nat'l and how their website is the talk of the airwaves.
all this stuff ff has been writing about doesn't really matter, and no one is concerned about it in the least.
if ff wants to get his focus on important issues, he had better discuss something about tiger and that phil guy.
that is what is truly important.