Thursday, April 07, 2011

Israel's Iron Dome Intercepts First Missile

Israel's newly deployed Iron Dome missile defense system has intercepted it's first missile, a Grad rocket fired towards the Israeli city of Ashkelon from the Gaza Strip.

Moshe Ben Hemo, a resident of Ashkelon, said, "I was in the street and I heard a strange sound, like someone pushing the gas pedal of a car. Then I saw the rocket fly through the air and explode. Immediately I realized that it was Iron Dome, that's what has been said here."

"The rocket was apparently supposed to explode in Ashkelon. In any case I'm glad the system works," he said.

Well, it worked this time. The ultimate deterrent, of course, is in offense, not defense.

Hamas has become emboldened thanks to the fall of the Mubarak regime, the Obama Administration's hostility towards Israel and the ascendency of their Muslim Brotherhood allies in Egypt.

When they were convinced to retreat from Gaza, the Israelis were formally guaranteed by the EU, the US, the Egyptians and the 'Palestinians' that Gaza would never be allowed to become a security concern or an avenue of attack on Israel again.

Those guarantees proved to be worthless.

The Israelis will only know peace on their Southern border after they destroy Hamas, repatriate the Arab population of Gaza to either Egypt or the 'Palestinian' occupied areas in the West Bank, and annex the Gaza Strip as part of Israel.

The sooner, the better.

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B.Poster said...

"...The ultimate deterent, of course, is in offense, not defense..."

Rob Miller is wise. The powers that be in DC and elsewhere in the "West" would do far better if they simply listened to what he has to say and ignored the various pundits who are giving them advice. A position no matter how well defended cannot be maintained indefinitely if no attempt to move forward is attempted. Also, it takes more energy and costs more money to strictly play defense than it does to play offense. The American military is geared primarily to playing defense. Even things like pin prick drone attacks that are currently being carried out and the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere int he world are primarily defensive in nature rather than something that poses a serious offensive threat.

The Russian and Chinese militaries are each far superior to the American military. Yet America spends more money on military than they do. (That is if we trust the figures they release to the media.) Assuming its true, why does America lag so far behind these countries when it spends so much more? The answer is the Russians and Chinese invest in offenseive capabilities. The Americans primarily invest in defensive weapons. Also, the Americans spend alot of money on people with fancy titles who don't contribute any thing of value. Russians and Chinese don't waste time on such trivial things. That's largely why they are ahead. Americans could sure learn alot from them.

American generals should try and study the Russians and Chinese and learn as much as they can. You want to be the best. Study the best!!