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Fogel Family's 'Palestinian' Murderers And Their Accomplices Arrested

The 'Palestinian' murderers of the Fogel family in Itamar have been caught and have confessed..along with their accomplices.During questioning, both killers said they made no distinction between the adults and children they murdered and would have killed the two surviving Fogel children if they had noticed them.

From a briefing by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office:

Following the 11.3.11 murders of five members of the Fogel family in the Samarian community of Itamar, the ISA, the IDF and the Israel Police began a joint operation to apprehend the murderers. During the operation, dozens of suspects from Awarta – approximately 2 kilometers southwest of Itamar – were detained for questioning. The investigation and intelligence efforts led to the arrest of two young men, residents of Awarta, who confessed to planning and perpetrating the murders, and reconstructed them:

Hakim Maazan Niyad Awad, born in 1993, a minor under Israeli law, was arrested on 5.4.11. A high school student, he is affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He was involved in the October 2010 stabbing of youths from Awarta; the motive was a personal dispute.

Awad's father, Maazan, is a PFLP terrorist who, in the late 1990's, served approximately five years in a Palestinian Authority prison in connection with the murder of his niece and the burning of her body.

Yes, Dad committed an honor killing...

Awad's uncle, Jibril Awad, was a PFLP terrorist who was killed in a December 2003 clash with IDF soldiers. He had been involved in the 20.6.02 terrorist attack in Itamar, in which Rachel Shabo (40) and three of her children (Avishai – 5, Zvika – 13 and Neria – 16), and their neighbor Yosef Twito (31), were murdered.

Amjad Muhammad Fawzi Awad, born in 1992, was arrested on 10.4.11. A student, he is affiliated with the PFLP. He had previously worked as a laborer in Israel.

Hakim and Amjad planned to perpetrate a terrorist attack in Itamar several days before March 11. To this end, they tried to acquire a firearm. They turned to Muhammad Said Awad (now under arrest), a PFLP militant in Awarta, and asked that he procure weapons for them; he did not do so.

On March 11, Hakim and Amjad set out for Itamar, armed with knives and tools to cut the perimeter fence and cover their tracks. They crossed from Awarta to Itamar and climbed/jumped over the fence. Once inside Itamar, they proceeded to approach the first row of houses. They broke into a home adjacent to the Fogel residence but found nobody inside. They stole an M-16, clips and a flak jacket. They exited the home and thereupon burst into the Fogel residence. Having spotted children while still outside, they murdered 11-year-old Yoav and 4-year-old Elad. The assailants thereupon entered the bedroom where the parents, Ruth and Udi, were sleeping with 3-month-old Hadas and murdered all three, following a struggle. Before leaving the house, the murderers stole another M-16.

The murderers returned to Awarta on foot and went to the home of Hakim's uncle, PFLP militant Salah E-Sin Awad, and informed him of what they had done. Salah helped them hide the stolen weapons and knives, burn their bloody clothes. During the investigation, it arose that various members of their families were extensively involved in helping them and were fully aware of what they had done.

After March 11, the murderers returned to their daily routines. Salah gave the stolen weapons to Jihad Abid, a resident of Ramallah, who hid them in his home. The latter was arrested on 14.4.11; the weapons were recovered.

Arrested as accomplices were:

* Salah Aladin Salim Awad – born in 1979, a PFLP militant, Hakim's uncle;
* Hassan Salim Awad – born in 1972, a PFLP militant, Hakim's uncle;
* Maazan Niyaz Awad – born in 1967, a PFLP militant, Hakim's father;
* Jihad Abid – born in 1979, friend of Salah Awad, who hid the stolen weapons for Salah; and
* Muhammad Said Awad – born in 1984, a PFLP militant, whom Hakim and Amjad asked to provide them with a weapon.

The investigation is ongoing.

These murderers will face justice, sort of.

They'll have a trial, after which they'll be sentenced to prison, because Israel has no capital punishment.

By far the best treatment for these scum when they're found guilty would be a public hanging with a piece of pigskin shoved in their mouths.

Want to bet that would be a deterrent for future jihadis thinking about emulating them?

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Anonymous said...

By capital punishment, do you mean the death sentence? Israel has that, though only one person has ever been executed (officially anyway): Adolf Otto Eichmann.

There were several others who were given the death sentence, but unlike Eichmann, their sentence was "softened".

Freedom Fighter said...

I know Eichmann was hanged, but I'm not aware of anyone else given the death penalty in Israel. Details?

Anonymous said...

Hanging them will not be much of a deterrence, we're dealing with a pathological mental condition caused by Islam & the constant anti-Jewish propaganda & incitement by the Palestinian Authority.
I agree, they should be executed, all of them, including the accomplices.
The entire village should be razed to the ground as well.
After all, what do you do with rabid dogs?

Freedom Fighter said...

A rabid dog is an animal suffering from disease who arguably has no intention or knowledge behind his actions.

The 'Palestinians' and their enablers are fully aware of what they're doing, and that is a huge difference.

These two killers and their accomplices grew up in an environment where people who murder Jewish civilians are regarded as heroes and martyrs. That isn't going to change, because it comes from Islam, as you point out.

It is interesting that what the Obama Administration, theEU and the UN are asking Israel to do is to allow the creation of a permanently hostile state next door whose raison d'etre is to drive Israel's Jews into the sea.

What's even more distressing is that the Israeli government as well as far too many Jews in the Diaspora continue to to think it's a good and workable idea.


Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighter.

I agree, there is a difference, a rabid dog does not act out of free will, it is a choice, a choice for evil, no different than the Nazis.
And, it is indeed distressing that the Israeli gov't. & so many Diaspora Jews support the two-state solution. The Netanyahu gov't. is a big disappointment although I'm not surprised, I didn't expect much more from Netanyahu.

Freedom Fighter said...

Don't write Bibi off just yet. He may surprise you.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:
John Demjanjuk (born Ivan Mykolaiovych Demianiuk): A Nazi criminal. Got the daeth penalty, but eventually deported instead.

Yachezkel Ingster: He was a kapo (a prisoner who worked inside German Nazi concentration camps during World War II in any of certain lower administrative positions), was sentenced to death but the penalty was later converted to imprisonment.

The Black September Organization members who were responsible for the Munich massacre were sentenced to death, and as far as I know, were killed.

The Mindset said...

Don't condemn them

These cockroaches are from
The Religion of Peace