Thursday, April 28, 2011

Israel: No Talks With A Hamas/Fatah Government

One thing the new Hamas/Fatah unity seems to have done is unite almost all political factions in Israel.

Israel's interior group of ministers all agreed that there will be no further peace talks with the new joint Fatah/Hamas government the 'Palestinians' are currently setting up.

"If the situation changes and Hamas alters its ways and recognizes Israel, then we'll see," a political source said. "In the meantime there will be no talks or negotiations with the Palestinians until the picture becomes clearer."

I'd say the chances of Hamas recognizing Israel are slim and none.

Even the normally dovish Labor Israeli President Shimon Peres weighed in, saying "The agreement between Fatah and the terrorist organization of Hamas is a fatal mistake which will prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and destroy the chances of achieving peace and stability in the region."

Kadima's Tzipi Livni voiced her opposition as well, if a bit more cautiously. "It is still unclear what the terms of this agreement will be, but the test of the Palestinian government will be the acceptance of the international community's conditions," she said. "A Palestinian government will have to accept the Quartet's conditions if it intends to keep peace with Israel."

Since the Quartet's conditions involve recognizing Israel,abiding by past agreements and renouncing violence, again slim and none.

Abbas came out with a particularly farcical statement today. After avoiding any talks with the Israelis for months, he now asserts that there's no connection between peace talks with Israel and getting into bed with his Hamas.

This is commonly known as wanting to have one's cake and it, and while the 'Palestinians' have been able to do that on occasion I doubt this is going to be one of those times.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Hamas is the stronger party... the PA has all but conceded defeat. A Palestinian government will simply be a fig leaf for Hamas even if it has Fatah ministers. There is going to be no question as to who is calling the shots - and the cumulative impact of yesterday's development will be to push the Palestinian Arabs in a more radical direction.

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree AR.

But I don't see this as a negative. The 'Palestinians' are a faux nationality with no possible basis to start a nation with, their only unifying point being hatred of Jews.

They voted for Hamas quite strongly in the last election they were allowed to have, and Abbas and his mafiosos have no legitimacy except as a fig leaf to allow gullible western donors to continue throwing money at the 'Palestinian' without feeling like they're actually funding genocidal terrorists.

That,in reality, was Clinton's contribution to this mess, the rehabilitation of Yasser Arafat..although the Israeli Labor government of Rabin bears a great deal of responsibility for accepting the nonsense of Oslo in the first place.

This just gives things more clarity.


prasad said...

Both sides (Israel and Palestinian) countries should have peace talks then this issue will be solved otherwise this issue will continue for a long time and neighbouring countries will suffer along with these countries and also this conflict will be one of the reason for world war so we have to solve this problem immediately United Nations should negotiate with these countries.