Thursday, April 14, 2011

Smoke And Mirrors Spending Bill Passed by Congress

The budget deal made by GOP Speaker John Boehner and Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid passed the House and the Senate today by comfortable margins and is on the way to President Obama's desk for his signature. There's no doubt he'll sign it - Obama got almost everything he wanted.

The vote in the House was 260-167, and the bill to keep the government funded got bi-partisan support, with most Republicans voting in favor and most Democrats opposing it.

In the Senate, it was 81-19.

As I predicted, the Senate defeated the Planned Parenthood amendment and the amendment to defund ObamaCare. The Senate vote on Planned Parenthood was 42 to 58 . The House passed that resolution 240-185.

The Senate vote to defund ObamaCare lost, 47 to 53. The House passed that resolution 245-189.

A miss is as good as a mile, since both amendments were required to meet a 60-vote threshold in the Senate.

I'm going to quote Pat Caddel again here: "There's the corrupt party and the party of stupid."

Guess who the stupid party is?

In an odd pairing, a number of the new Tea Party Republicans voted no alongside most of the more Left leaning Democrats in the House. Getting Michelle Bachmann and NancyPelosi to vote the same way on a bill is something we probably won't see for quite some time.

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