Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Shows Long Form Birth Certificate - And Gives Rise To Some New Questions

President Obama finally saw fit to release his actual long form birth certificate. That's just wonderful, but it gives rise to a number of other questions:

1) Why the blatant and unprecedented secrecy for this long? Why did Obama immediately issue his first Executive Order 13489 as soon as he took office, sealing all of his records?

2) Why was the governor of the State of Hawaii by his own admission unable to find this, yet Obama managed to produce it on demand?

3) Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the date accepted by the local registrar four days later on August 8, 1961? If Obama was actually born in this hospital and this is an authentic document, why the discrepancy...unless Obama was born elsewhere and the registrar is relying on someone else telling him the date?

4) Dr. David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed this document died 8 years ago and is conveniently unavailable. Also, if this is real, it means the national news media fabricated the story last year that his birth doctor was Dr. Rodney T West, who is also conveniently deceased. Snopes still has this erroneous information displayed on their website. Not only that, but this proves that the White House and its assorted shills in the media were knowingly lying when they said that Obama had 'already shown his birth certificate' and Donald Trump has been proven entirely correct when he asserted that a certificate of live birth and a long form birth certificate were different documents.

5) Under race, the clerk listed Obama as 'African'. That was not used on government documents for race in 1961, when the normal term used would have been 'Negro' or 'colored' .

6) According to Hawaii law, Obama's new name of Barry Soetoro should appear on the Certificate of live birth when Obama's mother, Stanley Anne Dunham's second husband Lolo Soetoro legally adopted him. Why doesn't it?

7) I am not a graphics expert, but the type font appears to have certain differences and the typeface to be a bit too 'perfect', without the normal inconsistencies common in typed documents of that era.

There are obviously more important issues at hand then where Barack Obama was born, but in many ways this raises more questions than it answers...the most important one, of course being, if this was all open and above board, why the three year fight to get it to come to light? Why has President Obama consistently acted like someone with something to hide?

Update: Gerald over at American Digest has his own answer to what took so long...

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Lisa said...

Because he DOES have something to hide, that's why.

B.Poster said...

All very good questions that neither the media nor main stream Republicans or Republican leaders will ever ask. I do find it interesting that Mr. Obama has finally done something to address this issue.

It is quite easy to ignore the voices of "birthers" who are a small and insignificant group that is almost univerisally despised by main stream Americans. Now when someone of the stature of Donald Trump raises these questions it is not so easy for Mr. Obama to ignore. Given the very good questions you raise and the fact that Mr. Trump is no idiot, I don't expect this to satisfy him but it will satisfy the media and it will further innoculate an already well innoculated public against this issue.

This leads to the questions that I've wondered about for a while. Does Mr. Trump know something that the rest of us don't and can he prove it? If the answer to this question is yes, then Mr. Obama is in VERY BIG trouble now and by releasing this "long form" birth certificate with the questions you raise he's dug himself an even deeper hole. Now if the answer to this is no, then Mr. Trump's candidacy is sunk.

By making the birth issue a major part of his campaign he took an enormous gamble to begin with. This issue turns off most of the public. He'd have done much better to make the centerpiece of his early campaign on economic or national security issues. In other words focus more on the things of importance to main stream Americans.

I'm actually hoping Mr. Trump actually knows something the rest of us don't not because the birth issue is of huge importance to me but because Mr. Trump is by far the best candidate in the field right now. It would be a shame to see him throw away his candidacy in this manner.

The business of running America should be focused on like running business. Mr. Trump has a track record of being successful in this area. Also, America is for all intents and purposes broke. As someone who has gone broke before and recovered, he has a track record of coming back from this. This is exactly what America needs right now. Right now it seems like Mr. Trump may be just what our country needs.

louielouie said...

i have a customer who comes into the store who had the following comment/question:

the copy that he saw had the certificate printed on security pattern paper. why is the typing all on white background? i.e., the security pattern does not show through in the typed areas.

did i forget to mention that the customer of mine does photoshopping for a living?

nazar said...

This is a non-issue, trumped up by conservatives as some kind of damning nail-in-the-coffin to obama's presidency. In fact, it's no better than 9/11 truthers conspiracy! I respect and consider your opinions on everything else, but when you spout this non-sense about obama being a foreigner, all it does it tune me and most other sensible americans from everything else you have to say. I'm not gonna bother arguing the points of your theories on this issue because it's an unwinnable argument, and I won't convince you otherwise anyway.

It's a shame that such an insightful and informative blogger is resorting to such desperate measures instead of discussing real issues.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
In fairness, when a major story like the president finally releasing what purports to be his birth certificate is a major story, and one almost anyone would feel compelled to comment on.

I'm personally an agnostic when it comes to where BarackO bama was born,but by nature I'm compelled to be open minded and I likewise respect your opinions a great deal.

In that spirit, I'd like your answer to a simple question: If this is Barack Obama's birth certificate why has he spent so much money and gone to so much trouble to hide this for three years?

And not only this, but virtually every other piece of paper pertaining to his background?

I'd honestly like to hear your reasonable explanation for this behavior on the president's part, which is unique in our history.

All Good Things,

nazar said...

I'm not the best person to answer your questions, simply because I see this argument for the falsehood that it is, and I haven't bothered to waste my time with it. My guess? He was busy doing president stuff or releasing documents pertaining to his birth would be giving credit to the birthers. It's no coincidence that his birth certificate was released shortly after all the attention trump receieved, so maybe his public relations people decided to respond finally. Like I said, I don't know, and I don't particularly care.

I urge you to focus on things that matter, like our economy and foreign policy. I also immensely enjoy your psychological evaluations of our elected leaders and political groups.

Freedom Fighter said...

Fair enough bro...but I'll remind you that these questions were brought up long before, and we were lied to and told 'Obama's already shown his birth certificate' ( meaning the certificate of live birth he fobbed off on us for three years).

If this is the president's true birth certificate, the president had this in his possession all this time and is only releasing it now, he's done the country a grave disservice and violated his oath of office IMO.

That said, there are indeed more pressing issues, some of which you, my friend, deal with on a day to day basis on behalf of the rest of us.

If you like psychological evaluations, BTW, I have a pretty meaty one coming up tomorrow I think you'll find interesting.

Take Care, OK?