Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama's Re-Election: It's The Economy, Stupid

Political Scientist Jay Cost has a great article up about why the current economic trends make Obama's re-election problematic.

As he points out, the economy is far weaker in real terms than the dinosaur media would have you believe...and the prospects for turning it around are difficult, especially for Obama.

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louielouie said...

please allow myself to once again be a stick in the mud?
i found mr. cost's essay to be lacking.
on several points.
#1 mr. cost makes no mention of the reason for the decline in unemployment. the reason the u/e rate is declining is because people are losing/coming off their u/e benefits. and the way the gov't determines the u/e rate is by who is receiving benefits. no benefits, no u/e. it's that simple. it's that stupid. but no one is saying it.
#2 mr. cost pretty much sums up one really big issue about mid-way down the first page of the essay. the people are gonna hear what the msm tells them and that's it. the reason is that people don't care. they are not going to listen to an explanation like mr. cost's. myself and maybe two, three other people will read this. having to admit they made a mistake is not in the american lexicon these days. it's someone else's fault, not mine. taking responsibility for one's actions just ain't gonna happen cupcake.
#3 this really isn't in the essay but i'm gonna mention it here. no one. not anyone, who will run in opposition to hussein will call him on this. no one. nada. no one will call him on this. there is not one candidate that has a snowballs chance in he*l of being elected that will call him on this. ron paul will but no one is gonna vote for him because he puts forth hard choices and no one. not anyone, is going to want to make a decision. no one. nada.
what the he*l do i know?
mr. cost is a political scientist and i run a liquor store.