Sunday, April 03, 2011

E-Book Review: "The Bookworm Turns - A Secret Conservative In Liberal Land",BottomRight,-2,34_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpg

What would it be like to be a secret conservative in the midst of the Bay Area's Marin County, surrounded by smiling friends and amiable neighbors whose demeanor would change in a heartbeat if they only knew you were...Dah Dah DAH..a Conservative Republican!

Blogger Bookworm has lived that life for awhile now, and not only is the dichotomy fascinating, but as her new Amazon E-Book reveals, it's been the fuel for some damned fine writing on her part.

A lot of her work in general focuses on what I'd refer to as the new, bloodless American Civil War, and Bookworm's twenty chapters draw on all aspects of it, in a style that combines her uniquely dry wit with a lawyer's eye for detail.

This book will appeal not only to her many fans ( of whom I count myself as one) but will likely get introduce her to a host of new ones.

Reading Bookworm's essays is like intellectual chocolate - highly addicting, except it expands your mind instead of your waistline!


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