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Jews Shot En Route To Prayer; Jewish Holy Site Desecrated By 'Palestinians' - Again

Pessah ( Passover) is a traditional time for Jews in Israel to make a pilgrimage to Joseph's Tomb, located outside of the 'Palestinian' occupied city of Nablus in Samaria.

This year, hundreds of Jewish worshipers who arrived at Joseph's Tomb were shocked to find the Holy Site severely vandalized – again.

When the group of 500 worshipers entered the tomb, they found it had been defaced – the headstone smashed and swastikas sprayed on the walls, graffiti of a blood-dripping sword over a Star of David, and visible boot prints all over the tomb itself.

As you may know, anything to do with the bottom of one's shoe - like a boot print - is a deadly insult in Arab culture. The prints are identical with the 'Palestinian' police standard issue boots.

This is hardly the first time Joseph's Tomb has been desecrated by the 'Palestinians'. Israel retained sovereignty over the site according to the Oslo Accords, but Israel's then Prime Minister Ehud Barak turned it over to Arafat's thugs in October 2000, in exchange for a 'Palestinian' agreement to protect the site and allow Jews access.

The 'Palestinians' promptly burnt it down and turned the site into rubble.

Israel reclaimed the area after Operation Defensive Shield in 2002, but The IDF did not allow Jewish worshipers to enter it for a long period of time due to security concerns; deserted, it has been burnt down and defaced by the Arabs many times.

Joseph Tomb's was finally restored in December of 2008 and the military began allowing worshipers to visit it once more, but always at night and under heavy military guard.

The latest series of recent concessions saw the 'Palestinian' police allowed equal rights to patrol the area, and IDF checkpoints removed.

The result was the site's desecration and the ambush shooting by 'Palestinian' police of a second group of Israelis en route to the site to pray that murdered Ben-Yosef Livnat,(HYD) a 24 year-old father of four from Jerusalem and and wounded five others. According to witnesses, the police yelled "Allahu akbar" as they fired on the civilian vehicles and continued shooting even as the vehicles fled the scene.

The group were Breslov Hassidim, easily identified as religious Jews whose intentions were hardly hostile.

Gershon Mesika head of the Shomron Regional Council said that the Palestinian officers were clearly at fault: "Breslov Hassidim come to the Tomb to pray every week. They [the 'Palestinian' police] know them but for some reason, they decided to open fire this time."

No mystery, really...they decided to open fire because the 'Palestinians' are getting increasingly bolder about killing Jews, given the events in Egypt and in the UN. They are staking out territory, trying to destroy yet another piece of Israel's Jewish heritage and make yet another piece of the Middle East into Dar Islam and a Jew-free zone.

Imagine, just for a moment what the world reaction would be if the IDF opened fire on Muslims attempting to pray at the al-Aksa Mosque.

And don't make the mistake of thinking that this only concerns Jews. When Pope Benedict visited Turkey and toured the mosque that was created with fire and blood out of the Cathedral of St. Sophia, he was virtually ordered by his Turkish hosts not to pray or take any sort of religious posture in what was once Christian hallowed ground. And I doubt that Christians have forgotten the Palestinian terrorist takeover and desecration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre a few years ago.

If a Jew like Ben-Yosef Livnat can be murdered for praying at a Holy site, there's no reason Christians won't be shot down for the same 'crime' if they attempt to visit a Christian Holy site Muslims decide they shouldn't be able to visit any longer.

This process, including the wholesale desecration of Jewish religious sites in the region by Muslims is certainly nothing new, and should give people who are pressuring the Israelis to acquiesce to the creation of a violently hostile state next door with control of the Jewish Holy Sites in Jerusalem some food for thought.

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Moshe Sharon said...

A young Jewish man with 4 children was murdered while praying. My best friend new him since he was born. The next time some says they want us to make peace with our executioners I'm going to scream.