Sunday, October 23, 2011

George Jones & Hank Williams Jr - 'I Saw the Light' 1963

A little somethin' somethin' for my Christian friends...What could be nicer than a little gospel on Sunday morning,performed by George Jones, a teenage Hank Jr.,his mom Audrey Williams, Bill Anderson and a bunch of others I can't quite identify.

The Killer's version is a lot better,but this is pretty good..

From 'Country Music on Broadway' circa 1963.

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Tantric Logic said...

Wow! What was Hank Jr, like 15 or something? Very cool!

louielouie said...

i'm curious about something.
i wonder if, when ff was on the road, he wore an outfit like george jones is wearing in the video?
just curious.

Rob said...

Umm, not exactly. The haircut was kinda different too...