Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Message For The Palin Haters

I note that the Palin Haters on the Left are out in force today, celebrating what they consider to be their victory.

Andrew Sullivan, of course is as excited about this as a pedophile let loose in an elementary school and was predictably vile. Now that his obsession with Governor Palin's vagina is no longer a target, he'll be limited to writing about his homosexuality and occasional flacking for Obama, in that order.

Being creatures of the Left, the giddy celebrants are too stupid to see the implications of someone with integrity and something to offer who was not part of the political Ruling Class be forced to choose between running for office and having she and her family targeted for demonization and even physical attack. There were plenty of violent threats and fantasies concerning Governor Palin and her children that were put out there quite openly for the world to see, and a substantial risk that someone might have tried to act on them. I can testify personally to deleting comments on this site to that effect. A detailed map to her isolated family home in Wasilla was even published in stalker Joe McGinniss's latest anti-Palin screed to assist all the deranged wanna-be Jared Loughners of the world in getting to a mother with small kids at home.

She was, in essence the ultimate Uppity Woman Who Didn't Know Her Place and strayed off the Leftist plantation, and that just couldn't be allowed, so she had to be destroyed. After weighing all the factors, she simply chose a different way and as disappointed as I am, I understand why she did.

Another thing I'm certain of is that when Governor Palin said that she's planning to throw her considerable energy and skills into unseating President Obama and putting more real conservatives into Congress, she meant exactly that, and not being shackled by a campaign is going to free her up in ways that are going to be the Left's worst nightmare. If her batting average of .785 in 2010 is any indication, they might have been a lot better off with her running for office. And at 47, she has plenty of time if she wants to take another stab at the top job in the future.

For those that are enjoying a good laugh at Governor Palin now, an old Irish saying:

"Ligean dó gáire a Bhuaigh" ( "Let him laugh who wins")


please helps me write more gooder!

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