Monday, October 17, 2011

Herman Cain Aces 'Meet The Press' - And David Gregory Beclowns Himself

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Whatever one thinks about Herman Cain, you have to give him credit for the skillful way he handled an obviously partisan and barely polite David Gregory on MSNBC. Gregory's agitation is most noticeably present when they discuss Cain's 9-9-9 plan, and he's barely able to keep his 'journalist' mask on.

Just a note to Mr. Gregory...if you have a 9% Federal income tax rate, you're definitely going to have more money to spend or invest,which creates economic activity that can likewise be taxed.Ditto if the numerous excise taxes and 'fees' are axed from the cost of goods. And of course, that has no bearing on what the local politicians you elect choose to charge you for the privilege of living in their jurisdiction!

My answer to David Gregory's bleat about how the poor who now pay no taxes would pay more might have been 'but there are people on your network every day screaming about how we all need to pay our fair share! Do you disagree with that concept?' Cain's response is much more diplomatic.

Cain's 9-9-9 plan has a number of problems, mostly in two areas. First national sales taxes, also known as VAT elsewhere always go up, something Gregory hinted at in one source he quoted. Politicians just can't resist it. And second, the current tax code actually creates economic activity in a number of areas, real estate purchases and investment and new car sales and leases being two of them. But the basic idea is at least worth exploring with the object of some heavy tweaking.

I loved the part where Gregory referred to Cain as 'African-American, a term I know you don't like.' Why deliberately use it then if you know someone finds it distasteful? At any rate, Cain's response is excellent, and the entire interview is worth watching.

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Anonymous said...

Even if Cain's plan were perfect, until the banksters he loves so much are punished for their Rico Act-style punishable sins, and until high finance rein in, Glass Stegall redux, his whole pitch is a distraction. He's getting by with it of course as a Koch Brothers Establishment promoted deception and an Islamophobe to boot. The guy would bleed the US billions dollars more in Iraq and Afghanistan, listening to the modern versions of Westmoreland.

Rob said...

Ah, another Ron Paul/DNC devotee. I hope you didn't get too much drool on your keyboard.

Happy astroturfing.

Anonymous said...

When did the Koch brothers become the source of all evil? They've become the object of "Progressive" two-minute hate, see Orwell and

Satiricohen said...

Thanks, I didn't see this.

Cain showed great patience with a very snarky, antagonistic interviewer.

All in all he looks like a real mensch.