Sunday, October 02, 2011

How Obama Got Around Congress Withholding $200 Million In Aid To 'Palestinians'

A story in the UK Independent says that the US Congress showed its displeasure with the 'Palestinians' going unilaterally to the UN by withholding $200 million in aid that was supposed to be disbursed to Mahmoud Abbas' little fiefdom by the end of this fiscal year, which ended October 1st.

Being part of the British press and sharing their well known attitude towards Israel, the article is sympathetic to Abbas, referring to him as being 'punished' and inferring that the US Congress is under the thumb of those Evil Zionists, rather than being upset with the 'Palestinians' for allying with Hamas or for abrogating their agreements under two treaties the US is signatory to, the Road Map and The Oslo Accords.

However, there are indications that this was a set up and if my source is correct, both the Obama Administration and the 'Palestinians' were privy to it.

One of my notorious Little Birdies works directly in the 'Palestinian Authority' and we've been correspondents for some time, sort of frenemies, if you get my meaning.

My source had a good laugh at Congresses' action. According to this person, the Obama Administration was aware for some time that the final $200 million might be withheld by Congress and informed the 'Palestinians' in advance. The Obama Administration promised the 'Palestinians' that they would do their best to head this off, but when they couldn't, an arrangement was made with the Saudis to make up the missing $200 million in advance.

That rang a bell...and showed me that as usual, my source was almost certainly correct.

A scant ten days ago, the Saudis gifted Mahmoud Abbas and the 'Palestinians' with the exact sum the US Congress was withholding from them...$200 million.

My source didn't speculate, but knowing how these things work it's almost guaranteed that the Saudis either received the money from the Obama Administration directly to give to the 'Palestinians' or more likely, that the Saudis supplied the cash in exchange for an American quid pro quo somewhere else down the line.

President Obama is going to see to it that the 'Palestinians' receive their jizya no matter what..and a little thing like Congress certainly isn't going to stop him if he can help it.

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Anonymous said...

I don't doubt for a minute your interpretation. Plenty goes on out-of-sight. But what is important is that Obama will be defeated in 2012 & possibly the Palestinian (and UN) jig will be up. The Arabs will not finance ''Palestine'' long term.
Even EU financial support may be cut back in view of their economic problems - with luck, the EU will fall apart.
I think that Obama promised the Palestinians a state after 2012, during his second term. If you think Obama was hostile this last 3 yrs. - wait, in a second term, his hatred of Israel will be unchecked.

Terry, Eilat-Israel

B.Poster said...

Its not jus the EU that is having economic problems. The economic problems in the US are at least as severe as those in the EU nations and probably worse than those in the EU nations. As such, financial contributions to "Palestine" or anyone else from the US are problmatic over the mid to long term.

Absent the unconditional funding from the EU nations and America to "Palestine" which will have to be cut back because of their dire economic situations and America's massive national debt the parties of the conflict will be on a much more equal footing. In such a sitaution, the Palestinians may find it in their interests to negotiate in good faith with Israel. Essentially when the inevitable cuts in aid from America and the EU to the Palestinians occurr we will be much more likely to actuall to see happen what the American and EU gvoernments have claimed to want which is a negotiated settlement to the conflict that results in democratic Jewish Israel and Democratic Palestine living side by side in peace!!

While it ts likely true that if Mr. Obama is reelected he will be even more hostile to Israel than he currently is, America's power is declining rapidly and unless the trajectory is reversed the decline in American power will accelarate over the next two to three years and beyond. Furtehrmore there is ZERO effort among America's political elites to make the necessary course corrections to the degree that would be necessary to actually make a difference.

As such, if Mr. Obama has promised the Palestinians a state, if it offical. He is pathologically insane. He has made a promise that he lacks the power to enforce. I suppose he can pound sand when he is told where to take it. The primary threats to Israel ouside of the Middle East are from Russia and China. America does not pose any serious threat to Israel nor is it seriously capable of doing so now or is it likely to be able to be in the future. Mr. Obama and Anerica's leadership are becoming less relevant by the day.

Benny Paar said...

B.Poster said:
"In such a sitaution [of reduced aid from the U.S. and Europe], the Palestinians may find it in their interests to negotiate in good faith with Israel."

The "Palestinian" Arabs are a tool in a game, the object of which is to eliminate Jews and the State of Israel from the Holy Land. The players in the game include the entire Muslim world. The Palestinian Arab leadership are part of that world and will not and cannot negotiate in good faith with a Jewish State.