Monday, October 17, 2011

Poor Murderers!

Al Arabiya has a heart rending human interest story out today about the ordeal suffered by Nihad Zakout, who's been without her father since 1989, when he was tossed in prison by those heartless Israelis. Now, thanks to the human ransom being paid for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, she's finally looking to seeing her dear father, Mohamed Zakout after all these years. Oh yes, the Israelis allowed her visits but that's hardly the same thing.

The article relates how even President Clinton was moved to feel her pain and promised to do his best to free Nihad's father. Alas, Mr. Bill being Mr. Bill, he didn't follow through. or perhaps he just forgot. But now, thanks to the heroic Hamas kidnappers and their keeping Gilad Shalit a prisoner in isolation for over five years, Nihad can look forward to seeing her dear father again without him being behind bars.

Oh, wait...there is a bit more.

Mohamed Zakout was a construction worker in Tel Aviv who was earning a living for his family. Unfortunately, on March 21st, 1989 he succumbed to Palestinian Rage Syndrome( AKA Mad Dogitis) and stabbed to death the very first Jew he came across, someone unknown to him who just happened to be passing by. He then stabbed to death another passerby and seriously injured a third before the Israeli police arrested him.

Zakout was tried in Israeli civil court and received two life sentences for murder. Imagine, two life sentences merely for ridding the world of a couple of pestilential Yahud! But now, he's finally scheduled to be free, along with a bunch of other 'Palestinian' heroes and receive a tumultuous welcome.

And even better, since he's only forty eight, he can now be counted on to continue the War Against The Jews.

These are the sort of people the 'Palestinians' make role models and heroes out of. It's a very good indication of what 'Palestine' would be like and why the two-state solution that presupposes Israel and 'Palestine' living in peace next to each other is a pathetic myth.

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Anonymous said...

The whole Shalit affair has left me absolutly disgusted.