Friday, October 07, 2011

Obama Hits New Low - 38%!

Today's Gallup Poll has approval ratings for the president at 38%, with a a disapproval rate of 53%. The poll was taken between October 4th and October 6th.

The other recent polls are pretty similar. Rasmussen has him at 42% approval with 57% disapproval, Quinnipiac has him at 41% - 55% and ABC News/Washington Post poll has him at 42% approval and 54% disapproval. Average 'em out and you end up with 40.7% approval versus 54.75% disapproval.

The polls all differ in their actual mechanics, but one thing that becomes clear when you get into them is that the president's disapproval numbers are solidifying, with the percentage of respondents who say they strongly disapprove of this president and his policies steadily growing.

As you know, most polls oversample Democrats and many people have trouble criticizing a black president for fear of appearing 'racist'. I'd say Obama's aggregate approval number is probably in the mid-thirties and dropping.

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louielouie said...

and many people have trouble criticizing a black president for fear of appearing 'racist'.

obviously i'm not many people.

Will Profit said...

Bwahahahahahaha! The guy is an unmitigated disaster and yet given the choice between him and ANY conservative, Dem's/Lib's/Prog's will vote for him again. What a world, what a world.

B.Poster said...

This is very interesting. I think a comparison and contrast between President Obama and former Peesidnet Bush would be informative. As I recall it took President Bush about 6 years to fall this low in the polls. President Obama has managed to do this in under 3 years. Also, Presidnet Bush pretty much from the beginning had to deal with an almost universially hostile media whereas the media has been almost universially favorable to President Obama.

Another key difference by the end of President Bush's second term he was almost universially despised as a person by the American people. He remains almost univerisally hated by the American people to this day. On the other hand, the American people generally like Presidnet Obamna as a person. It is his policies that they find questionable not him as a person. The American people generally grew to hate President Bush with a passion and that hatred of the man remains undimmed to this day. So far Mr. Obama has not experienced that kind of hatred and is unilikely to. As our first African-American president, allot of people have allot invested in his success as President.

The low favorability ratings for {resident Obama is actually encouraging. It suggests that Americans recognize, on some level, tha tthe policies are flawed and unlikely to work and recognize we need a true change in direction. It means we could be on the cusp of the kind of change we really need to get our country back on track.

This leads to one of the few things the "party of stupid" as some have called them have actually done right. They have generally shied awasy from personal attacks on President Obama. while going out of their way to respect him as persoon, they have pointed out the flaws in his policies.

Should Republican leadership attack President Obama personally the American people will likely close ranks around him and his approval rating will increase by 20 points or so almost over night and he may cruise to reelection and we will be unable to get the cahnge our country needs. The reason for this is the enormous investment the American people have in the success of the first African-American president. When emotion is involved people don't always think clearly. There is great deal of positive emotion surrounding his presidnecy among the American people even if they don't like the policies he has pushed.

When the President's supporters accuse the his most stauch opponents of being "racists", it actualy backfires on them. The reason this is so is these opponents have gone out of their way not to attack the President personally and have gone out of their way not to act in racist ways. The American people seem to see through this. Hence we have a president with very low approval ratings that allot of people have allot invested in as to his success!!