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Proud 'Palestinians' Mahmoud Abbas And Most Of The Fatah Leadership Are Jordanian Citizens!

Some people in the past have criticized me because I continue to consider the 'Palestinians' a made up nationality and insist that Jordan is the actual Arab 'Palestinian' state.

They're not taking into account that Jordan as 'Palestine' was the intention of the British partition of the Palestine Mandate in 1923, as codified in international law by the San Remo Agreement.The majority of Jordan's population then were 'Palestinian' - Quraysh Arabs, who were town dwellers as opposed to the Bedouin, who were desert dwellers. 80% of the Palestine Mandate was given to Abdullah, the present King's grandfather who established a minority Bedouin Hashemite monarchy over the 'Palestinians' that continues to this day. Presently, even given the inevitable intermarriage, the split is roughly 75% 'Palestinian' and about 25% Bedouin, with many of the Bedouin Hashemite loyalists installed in key positions in government and the army.

Moreover, in 1967 when Israel took over Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) after Jordan attacked them, every Arab there was a Jordanian citizen and remained one according to Jordan's own laws until the mid 1990's.

The laws were changed because the minority Bedouin Hashemite monarchy has always feared that someday the majority of non-Bedouins would try to take over. That almost happened once before during 'Black September' back in 1970 when Yasser Arafat tried to take over the country and the Jordanian Arab Legion killed and expelled thousands of 'Palestinians'.

As I've reported before, the Bedouin minority has upped the ante on 'de-Palestinizing' Jordan by arbitrarily taking away Jordanian citizenship from thousands of people who identify themselves as 'Palestinians' and have held Jordanian citizenship for decades.

Ah, but that's for the little people.

After Mahmoud Abbas' little screed at the UN, some people applauded what they saw as his brave championship of 'Palestinian' nationhood. Who would have imagined that Mahmoud Abbas and most of the Fatah leadership have applied for and been granted Jordanian citizenship for themselves and their families? You see, according to the October 9th 2011 Jerusalem Post reporting on an article in the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, a significant number of PA leaders and their families are now full Jordanian citizens:

Atef Tarawneh, deputy speaker of the Jordanian parliament, denounced the decision to revoke the citizenship of thousands of Jordanians of Palestinian origin.

Tarawneh said that the decision was “harmful” to national unity and the constitution in Jordan.

He added that he recently met with King Abdullah II and warned him against the repercussions of revoking the citizenships. He said that the decision has harmed investment in the kingdom because dozens of Jordanian-Palestinian businessmen living abroad were afraid to return home out of fear that the authorities would confiscate their passports.

According to the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, a significant number of PA leaders are registered as full Jordanian citizens.

The paper pointed out that the leaders applied for Jordanian citizenship at a time when they were urging the Jordanian authorities to stop giving Palestinians Jordanian citizenship, in order to “consolidate their Palestinian identity.” The Jordanian government had justified its decision to strip Palestinians of their citizenship by using the same argument.

However, the Jordanians have long seen the Palestinian majority in the kingdom as a demographic threat.

The decision to rescind the citizenship of tens of thousands of Palestinians is seen in the context of this fear.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted sources in Amman as saying that Abbas and his entire family carry Jordanian passports.

Other PA leaders who carry Jordanian passports include former PA prime minister Ahmed Qurei, Abbas’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh and Fatah’s Muhammad Dahlan.

The paper did not say when the Palestinian officials were given Jordanian citizenship. PA spokesmen in Ramallah refused to comment on the report.

A Fatah official, however, said that he was not surprised to hear that Palestinian leaders were carrying Jordanian passports. He said he believed most of the PA leaders had applied for and received Jordanian passports in the past 15 years.

Tarawneh, by the way is of 'Palestinian' origin.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi also reported that it was the PA leaders who had asked for Jordanian citizenship, and not the Jordanians who had offered it.

Who would have ever guessed that I and the Fatah leadership would agree on something? Jordan is the 'Palestinian' state and the nonsense going on at the UN is simply an attempted land grab by the 'Palestinians' in an attempt to complete St. Arafat's mission of pushing the Jews into the sea bit by bit and grab a more strategic location to launch the final jihad.

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Anonymous said...

I would ask you the most obvious question, ''Why does the Fatah leadership want Jordanian citizenship?'' I mean, they didn't just take out Jordanian citizenship for the hell of it.
It's because the Fatah crooks know the people hate them, that they have no support, that eventually, the people will riot & kill them or Hamas will take over & kill them. Jordanian citizenship is their insurance, that they have a place to flee with their ill-gotten gains.
And these are the people we're supposed to sign a treaty with?
What a joke.

Terry, Eilat-Israel

Rob said...

Nachon, Chaver. You nailed it. An insurance policy for Abbas and his cronies and the money they stole.


Anonymous said...

It might not work out as planned, the Jordanian regime is none too stable these days. Jordan may well be run by the Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas will ask their friends to extradite the thieves so they can get their hands on the money.
I doubt if the Fatah crooks would keep the stolen money in Jordan, they'd use the Jordanian banks to launder the money & stash it somewhere else. But, I bet they buy a lot of property & own parts of businesses in Jordan already, also a good way to launder funds.
I think that the Fatah leadership is in big trouble - this U.N. thing is going to become a fiasco, leaving Abbas looking like a fool. The finishing touch, that last straw, will be when Obama loses the election to a conservative & the Democrats lose their majority in the Senate.


Anonymous said...

You are racist and delusional. Thousands of Palestinians have Jordanian passports because Israel has occupied their land for 44 years. Even now, Palestinian passports are only issued with Israeli OK! You can repeat however many times you want that Jordan is Palestine. It won't turn it into fact; just prove that you support the war crime of ethnic cleansing and population transfer. Palestinians will get their rightful states in their homeland and people like you will just have to deal with it. Wanna talk about crooks, look closer... What do you call Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman? Mr honesty? He has so many corruption charges pending I think the man will break some kind of record! Get a life, stop propogating war crimes using lies!

Rob said...

Hello Nour,
Thanks for dropping by. And thanks for providing a superb example of projection.

"Thousands of Palestinians have Jordanian passports because Israel has occupied their land for 44 years."

Umm, no. Jordan is almost 80% 'Palestinian' and moved quite a few of its citizens into Judea and Samaria after it illegally occupied it after 1948 in an effort to colonize the area after ethnically cleansing every Jew in the region. Jordan also reaffirmed in its own laws every Arab in the West Bank 'who is not a Jew' was a Jordanian citizen and only repealed that law after Jordan decided to cede all rights to Judea and Samaria after their peace treaty with Israel.

And since neither Jordan nor 'Palestine' ever owned the area in question and it includes a lot of legally purchased Jewish land, your term 'occupation' is pretty far out there! BTW, 95% of the people you call 'Palestinians' either live in Gaza or in Area C of Judea and Samaria - under full 'Palestinian' sovereignty. Facts sure are a problem, aren't they?

2)"just prove that you support the war crime of ethnic cleansing and population transfer. "

Actually, that would be you, who supports the ethnic cleansing of every Jew in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the establishment of a Jew free reichlet in these areas. I bet you anything you'd scream lie a wounded peahen if Israel wanted to do the same thing to Arabs in its territory!

Oh, and BTW, if Israel DID want to transfer these Jordanians out of their territory, it would not be a war crime according to Article two of the Fourth Geneva Convention. But then the Geneva Convention also prohibits making war on civilians, and since when have the 'Palestinians' ever shied away from doing that, eh?

You are racist and delusional...Get a life, stop propogating war crimes using lies!

Like I said, projection's a real bitch, isn't it? I think the facts show which of us is the delusional racist, don't they Nour?

Next time, try coming up with something a bit more challenging.


Amer said...

Ok, so how do you support your idiotic point of view ? You say nothing of truth let alone value
1- Jordan was mostly Jordanian until your likes of European Jews started coming like cockroaches
2- The division plan for Palestine never included anything of Jordan
3- What does the passport application of Palestinian leaders who are mostly puppets have anything to do with the validity of the Palestinian identity ?
4- I guess by this logic Syrian, Jordanian, and even German identity are invented if we go backwards enough in time. What about the Israeli identity who is the most recent of them all ?

Rob said...

Hello Amer,
And thanks for dropping by,gratuitous insults on your part aside.

I don't wish to be condescending, but you're ignoring a lot of history here!

1 & 2...Jordan was originally part of the Palestine Mandate an dwas carved out by partition. It was created by an agreement in 1923 as 'Trans-Jordan' (which of course means 'across the Jordan) between Britain, the Mandatory power, and the League of Nations as the Arab Part of Palestine, and its population was almost entirely composed of those Arabs who today identify themselves as 'Palestinians.' The only ones who weren't were its first king, Abdullah, one of the sons of the Sharif of Mecca and the Bedouin followers he brought with him. The Arabs thus received 79% of the Palestine Mandate as their portion, and those Jews whom had settled east of the Jordan River were removed to Judea and Samaria, the area west of the Jordan that was codified to be part of the eventual Jewish State in that 1923 accord known as the San Remo Agreement.

But wait, it gets better. Both the Treaty of Sevres between Ottoman Turkey and the allies that ended the war and ceded Turkey's Arab possessions to the Allies and the League of Nations Mandate had identical language that the rights of all peoples would be respected..but only gave sovereign rights to the Jews.Of course, the Brits reneged on that,nut this bit of international law was preserved in the UN Charter, Article 80.

3) Abbas and the Fatah Old Guard having Jordanian Passports has everything to do with 'Palestinian' identity.

In 1948, Jordan's Arab Legion and its Brit officers ethnically cleansed every Jew from Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. The UN never recognized this illegal war crime and occupation, but they didn't do anything about it either.

In 1950, the Jordanian Parliament(which again, was largely 'Palestinian' although they didn't call themselves that)passed a law granting every Arab living in these illegally annexed areas Jordanian citizenship.

None of them squawked about it in the you see, the Arabs whom call themselves 'Palestinians' at least in Judea and Samaria were no longer refugees. They had passports if they wanted them, citizenship, a nationality and a home country. And they had no problems with that until 1967.

As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for King Hussein, they still would be quite content to be Jordanians. It is one of the great jokes of history that if King Hussein hadn't listened to Nasser's lies in 1967 about how he was winning the war and started shelling civilians in West Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem would still be Jordana and thus Jew-free...and of course there would be no 'Palestinian nationalism!'

As for why Abbas and his kleptocrat cronies wanted Jordanian passports, swallow your bile and read the article a bit closer, They're an escape hatch for when they choose to 'retire' with all the money they've stolen.

I know, I know..just more lies, right? Fine, but you ought to know I don't expect you to actually be objective, because it would be painful for you. I took the time to answer you so that anyone truly interested in the truth could read it for themselves.

And I don't expect you to admit it, but we both know it's the truth, don't we?

Have a nice day.