Monday, October 03, 2011

Obama Fried Chicken!!

President Obama's destined to be known for more than his abysmal economic policies, extravagant ways and amateur foreign policy. Finger licken' good!!

And it's not just KFC in China..apparently there's now a whole chain of Obama Fried Chicken shops showing the president posed like Colonel Sanders...including the Colonel's famous String tie.Maybe the president can pick up a little cash doing an endorsement deal, or some commercials, eh?

The linked article speculated that this might be a nose tweaking for the President because of his tariff policies on American-bred chicken, which range from 50 to 100 per cent, which means some Chinese importers paid as much as twice the price for American chicken. If so, that would be a fairly typical Chinese way of ridiculing someone.

And it's not just China. Here's a picture of a fried chicken place in my parent's old neighborhood of Brownsville, in Brooklyn NYC:

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Old School said...

I can just see the commercials now, appearing after Obama leaves office.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Obama Fried Chicken open up in the UK.