Monday, October 10, 2011

Proof That Being An Activist For The 'Occupy' Protests Pays Pretty Well

As Scott Johnson from Powerline reveals , there are help wanted ads on Craigslist from the Working Families Party looking to hire protesters for Wall Street and offering $350-650 a week, depending on responsibility and length of time on staff.

I suppose there are bonuses for things like defecating on a police car.

The Working Families Party, as you may know, is a hard left local NY outlet of the Democratic Party that receives funds directly from George Soros ' Open Society via the Tides Foundation.

And it's not just George Soros. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives is actively fundraising to finance the 'Occupy' protests. More proof, if any was needed that the 'Occupy' protests are directly linked to the Obama campaign and coordinated out of the White House. The protestors for the most part are simply hired, ginned up shills without a clear idea of what they're actually protesting. They simply follow the orders of their employers.

This is simply a foretaste of the class warfare campaign this president plans to wage in an effort to secure four more years in power.

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Greg said...

Ironically, to paraphrase Hoffa - but in this instance directed @ the Dems in the WH:

"Time to get those SOB's outta here." !!!!


Old School said...

Bought and paid for activists doing supposedly spontaneous demos. Exactly what I'd expect from Obama and Soros.